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The Musical Baton

This idea must’ve came from some RIAA execs’ mad brainstorming session, but I’ll give it a go anyway…

I’ve been passed the Musical Baton by Basu, and being the sport that I am, I will participate. In fact, this would be my first ever meme participation 😀

  • Total volume of music on my computer:
  • 445MB. Yes, really. I don’t keep much Oggs on my box.

7 responses to “The Musical Baton”.

  1. Basu Says:

    Thanks. I permalinked to you on my blog.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    No prob. Reciprocated your link 🙂

    It took me quite a while to decide on the five meaningful songs or those I listen to a lot. Basically, I treat the two as very different categories. Anyway, if it were purely “meaningful” songs, there would be a few 2Pac songs as well.

  3. Lainie Says:

    Oooh I wish I had your patience to link everything…but most of the websites I went to were dead (or just, sadly, not very well built). I just picked songs I listened to a lot and liked 🙂

    So. Why’s something this fun listed under Rants?

  4. Lainie Says:

    by the way, Running’s a permanent fave on my laptop, and One Man Army is one of the faves on my mp3 player 🙂

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Woot! Got some comments from Lainie. Did I tell you I’m a big fan of your blog? 😉

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, yeah, something this fun shouldn’t really be under Rants. But here, Rants is the category for something I don’t know where to place. Perhaps, I should create a Misc. category or maybe (gasp!) Fun.

    Thanks for commenting, and visit HTNet often 😀

  6. As Suanie Sees It Says:

    the musical baton

    Weeeeeeeeeeeee I’d been tagged by Azmeen for the musical baton.

  7. Lainie Says:

    Haha! Thanks!

    (and I do visit every so often, ever since you first commented on my blog)