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What Can We Expect From Internet Explorer 8?

I’m a Firefox user 99.5% of the time. I also use Opera Mobile 0.3% of my web browsing time (on my mobile phone), and Internet Explorer is used for stupid sites which insist I use it (like the LHDN’s e-filing web site), which thankfully only takes 0.2% of my web browsing time.

However, although I’m not a Microsoft fan in any sense of the word, I’m quite pleased with IE7 in general. It has definitely improved on its predecessors weaknesses. The sad thing was it took way too long and those who have been hoping for a better IE had jumped ship by the time it was released.

Therefore, I’m pleased to find out that Microsoft has plans to implement interesting features in IE8. Why am I happy? Well, basically I’m just happy that the web browser is getting more attention from the biggest software company in the world. More importantly, it can definitely encourage competition in this field.

In the end, users of web browsers will benefit the most from advances in this field. We get better web experience and nicer toys to experiment with. And this is good enough for me 🙂

8 responses to “What Can We Expect From Internet Explorer 8?”.

  1. ezams Says:

    Good to hear that Microsoft got plan to put some interesting stuff in IE8. But I hope it won’t be messy, over decorated or just slapped with their built-in ads.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Microsoft have ads in their products? Got an example to show me?

  3. papajoneh Says:

    i hope the IE8 is as good as fast as the FF. So i do not have to decode my MSIE error prone blog 😉

  4. ezams Says:

    Hmm…It’s not directly from Microsoft itself as mentioned by Scobelizer on bad Vista startup experience because of the tons of ads and other things that OEMs load onto the OS recently. 🙁

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I guess we have to wait and see, eh?


    Wow, that sucks. However, this isn’t something new. OEM PCs has always been loaded with useless programs labelled as “features” even since the days of Windows 95.

    The browser is a favourite target. Startup page, toolbars, heck even the IE icon has seen its share of “corporate vandalism”.

    Thanks for the link to the Scobelizer article. 🙂

  6. cindy Says:

    I’ve been a Firefox user for the past 2 years and I’ve never looked back to IE since. Although once a while have to open IE to check on my template lah, just to make sure templates I create works on IE as well. But most of the time, IE could drive me crazy as they don’t have the ability to read as good as Firefox!

    Hope IE8 is much, much better than his ancestors. 😀

  7. wan Says:

    ever since i known firefox from a friend (this site admin, hehe), i did not look back at IE. except for some sites that need me to use IE. but heck, firefox is much better in IE, and it lets me install what plug-ins needed.

  8. Says:

    It’s Firefox all the way for me! IE? What’s that? 😛