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Top 13 Worst Web Hosting Companies

Interesting… not a Top 10 list, but a Top 13 one instead. Web Hosting Unleashed has published a list of Top 13 Worst Web Hosting Companies.

Interestingly came up tops. Why does this name seem so familiar? Hmm… now I remembered, they are hosting the scam HYIP site

On a related note, I’ve been asked by a friend to check out yet another online investment site, very much similar to; Wow, hosts them too! And yeah, is definitely yet another HYIP scam targetting Malaysians.

Gaman at has an interesting writeup which covers this area. The post is in Malay. Basically it translates to A Discussion On Internet Investments and Get Rich Quick Schemes. Worthy reading if you understand Malay.

4 responses to “Top 13 Worst Web Hosting Companies”.

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    […] web hosting company that is voted as the worst in the industry could be closing shop soon, as reported by The Register: ICANN announced Friday that RegisterFly […]

  2. Miky Says:

    I have an article on that on my website as well. It’s a list of the top worst hosting companies that I dealt with. You may want to check it out!

  3. randy smith Says:

    the hosting has gone down 3 times this week and are down right now. They also price gouge you

  4. Matt L Says:

    Rather than simply canceling or suspending service 1&1 internet, aka , will send your account to collections. They will ruin your credit by putting a negative collections notation on your credit report just because your credit card was declined or expired. All this for $30 after Ipaid them almost $1000 over 2 years! Their customer service claims they can’t do anything and they won’t accept full payment, they will only refer you to the collection agency. is horrible and uses the worst customer service and terrible collection practices.