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Aircons May Kill Your Hard Disk

Although aircons may not necessarily be the cause of such hard disk deaths directly, it’s the most frequent trigger for power surges that makes your hard disks fry according to Associated Content:

“On average we see a 20% increase in failed hard drives hitting our lab in the summer as in the winter,” Carmitchel says. “We also see a seasonal change in the types of problems hard drives experience. In the warmer months, we diagnose far more electronic-related issues. From surveying some of our customers, we’ve found that power surges caused by air conditioners may play a significant role in the springtime increase.”

Home cooling systems can increase the electricity usage in a house by 50%, and this additional strain can cause dangerous power surges and outages that damage computers. It’s not just air conditioners that threaten data during the warmer months, either–a larger amount of thunderstorms and hot Summer weather can mean the end of hard drives and with them, computer users’ valuable information.

The article makes me wonder what sort of power consumption levels do aircon units in the US have? It must be significant to cause such noticable surges.

I use a 1.5HP Carrier (the aircon is good but the web site sucks; you have been warned!) air con unit, and it doesn’t seem to be causing me any pains… thankfully 🙂

2 responses to “Aircons May Kill Your Hard Disk”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    ahhhhh, aircon. I’ve got interesting story about this. My hard disk never fail all this while bcoz i do not use aircon… what a pity. If this is true, the aircon causing problem due to power surge, i think better install bigger, better, reliable UPS. That should take care the surge 😉 Hopefully.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    I can’t afford UPS for my home setup 🙁