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My Weekend With Ubuntu

I downloaded and installed Ubuntu over the weekend and must say that I’m impressed with it so far. I thought it was a good time to test it out because I just bought a 250GB hard disk on Friday with the purpose of physically separating my Linux installation(s) from sharing the same hard disk as Windows XP. Some things I especially love about Ubuntu are:

  • Synaptic: Ubuntu’s package management software. Locating and installing virtually any software is a breeze! If the software you’re looking for is out there, chances are you’ll find it in Synaptic.
  • The GUI: Gnome’s all right so far. I was expecting that slow performance will follow the multitude of features that Gnome brings to the desktop; so far, I’ve been proven wrong… and I hope I’ll be wrong forever.
  • Ease of Use: Very similar with the point and click method of Windows. If it’s a registered file type, then the proper application will be used to open it. If additional libraries are required (eg. for video files), then Synaptic would jump in and tell you what you need.
  • Ease of Installation: Really, really simple. Although some things are pre-assumed, and pre-assumed wrongly at that. Changes can be made very easily once the installation is complete.

I think that Ubuntu could be the Linux distribution that even my SO and four year old kid can use and love. Basically you can get everything from productivity suites to educational games very easily.

I’m already in the process of migrating the data on my Slackware partition to Ubuntu. It seems that it’s almost certain that the Slackware partitions will be deleted and reallocated to my Windows XP partitions.

I’d definitely recommend Ubuntu to those who wants a nice desktop Linux experience, especially those migrating from Windows. However, I still think that Slackware is a worthy distro if you want to understand Linux.