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Review: Phuc Long Royal Special Coffee

I received a packet of Phuc Long (that is the brand name, I kid you not!) Royal Special coffee from a friend of my father who visited Vietnam recently. Now, the instantly distinguishable packaging comes with a filter set… something I’ve never seen before.

Phuc Long Royal Special

Royal Special? Hmm… I thought that Vietnam is a republic. Anyway, the filter set is obviously the thing I instantly focused on. Upon unwrapping the shrinkwrap, I found that it consists of four components:

  1. The main filtering container
  2. A base filter to position onto your cup
  3. A smaller internal filter to be placed on the grounded coffee powder (which you pour boiling water on)
  4. A small cover
Phuc Long Royal Special's Filter Set

In the paper bag which displays the branding, there’s a foil bag that contains the grounded coffee. Interestingly, the packaging comes with a sliding-style reusable air-tight clip. A very good idea! It saves me the effort to store the coffee in a separate container.

Phuc Long Royal Special's Packaging

I started to boil some water while examining the filter set. It’s quite simple to actually assemble the thing. I proceed to open the foil packet. Hmmm! Phuc Long Royal Blend has a distinct fragrant aroma. Refreshing! I can’t wait to taste it.

Phuc Long Royal Special Coffee In The Filter

Once my kettle announced that the water has boiled sufficiently, via very audible whistling, I poured the boiling hot water onto the filter set. It took some time for the first droplets to fall into my tumbler (cups are for noobs!).

Phuc Long Royal Special Coffee Brewing

I then placed the cover and waited patiently for my brew to be ready for consumption. The smell begins to spread in my apartment, making me anticipate sipping the Vietnamese coffee. If it tastes as good as it smells, then I’ll be in heaven!

Phuc Long Royal Special Coffee Brewing and Covered

Finally, my Phuc Long Royal Special Coffee is ready… and with no sugar! I usually get my first taste of any coffee I’m testing without sugar. I think this is the only fair way to taste it.

The smell is nice, and I anticipated a similarly nice taste. To be honest, the taste is not that good. It’s just OK in my books. Refreshing, pure, but nothing really extraordinary. Slightly better than our locally grounded ones.

Phuc Long Royal Special Coffee Ready To Be Drank

Although the packaging looks interesting, it’s the taste that matters most. Due to this, I can only give Phuc Long Royal Special a rating of 3.5/5. The taste is disappointing considering how aromatic the coffee is.

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  1. Soni Says:

    Sounds royal indeed.Gourmet coffee