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Potential Web Malware Warning:

I received the following MSN Messenger IM from a couple of contacts:

hey!! you really have to check this site it’s awesome, now you can see who blocked or deleted you :D:D!! try it right now (Y)

I was instantly suspicious because the form on that particular web site requires you to enter your MSN username and password. For those of you who still couldn’t detect what’s so bad about it: You should not trust any third party web site who ask you to enter passwords for other external services or web sites.

Although the web site denies keeping any records of usernames and passwords submitted to them, you will never know for sure!

Key in your MSN contact details in the web site at your own peril! You have been warned.

If you had entered your MSN contact details there, I highly recommend that you change your password as soon as possible.

Whois information for the domain name is as follows:

Domain Name:
Registrar: Spot Domain LLC

Expiration Date: 2008-03-28 00:00:00
Creation Date: 2007-03-28 22:00:38

Name Servers:

Juan Pablo Sueiro
Beiro 2692
Buenos Aires
Phone: +54.1147957907
Email Address: jpsueiro<at>

Juan Pablo Sueiro
Beiro 2692
Buenos Aires
Phone: +54.1147957907
Email Address: jpsueiro<at>

Juan Pablo Sueiro
Beiro 2692
Buenos Aires
Phone: +54.1147957907
Email Address: jpsueiro<at>

Juan Pablo Sueiro
Beiro 2692
Buenos Aires
Phone: +54.1147957907
Email Address: jpsueiro<at>

0.50801700 1179815470

69 responses to “Potential Web Malware Warning:”.

  1. ac Says:

    Blockoo will show u the list of people who blocked/deleted you . following which, it will change your msn name to a link to their website.

  2. Alejandro Sena Says:


    I’m the CEO of BOS Multimedios, owner of Blockoo. Our site just show you the list of people who blocked or deleted you. We do not change your password nor store it, and we do not change your nickname either.

    You could send an e-mail to us before posting this, don’t you think? The message you received is because someone use it and wanted to recommend it, it’s not required.

    Alejandro Sena

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi Alejandro,

    Yes, I could email you first, but it’s not really necessary. The reasons are simple:

    1. I’ve written my opinion on your service, which I’m entitled to, without the need to contact anyone beforehand
    2. I’ve clearly stated that I think blockoo is a potential web malware, not a confirmed one
    3. I know that blockoo denies keeping any submitted data, I’m just stating the fact that visitors cannot know for sure. We can’t see what your scripts do

    Thank you for your feedback. Now blockoo’s side of the story is available in your comments.

  4. Alejandro Sena Says:

    Sure, but if you say “Potential malware” is just like I said in my blog “Potential Web Malware Warning:”. Yes, it’s my opinion and I’ve the right to do it, but the term is not going to like you at all.

    That’s all, I just don’t like my site to be called “Potential malware” when you have the option to be sure just sending an e-mail.


  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Yup, that’s true.

    You could write that, and people would read. Maybe some would even believe.

    However, HTNet doesn’t require visitors to enter usernames and/or passwords (especially) for a third party web site. That’s where the key differences reside.

    Anyway, just for the sake of information, no email from you or anyone else at blockoo could make me “sure”. I’ve gone through blockoo’s FAQ, Privacy Policy, and How Does It Work pages, and remain unconvinced. And an email is going to resolve all my doubts?

    Thank you.

  6. Paul Moloney Says:

    Alejandro, your software automatically sends messages through MSN Messenger, _pretending_ to be from the sender (I just got one through my wife’s account, she denies sending it) and gathers passwords.

    What part of “malware” don’t you understand?


  7. PsyCHZZZ Says:

    Hi there… I feel the same as you on this case. It seems very dodgy and it just hijacks and spams your contact list. Plus, it’s hidden with ads to “fool” users to click them.

    Here’s my post with regards to the site.


  8. Alejandro Sena Says:

    Azmeen: Send me and e-mail and I’ll show you the code and the DB. Will that help to make you sure about how the site works?

    Paul: We don’t gather any password and the userd choose to send that messages. I see no malware in that.

    PsyCHZZZ: I’ve just comment in your blog.

    Remember that the site only do what it says to do. The user know what is going to happen before they hit the button.


  9. Tom Says:

    Oh cmon mr. Sena. Your site is for sure dangerous. I used itwithout being suspicious cos I got the link ( in tiny url form) from msn from a friend who In realty never sent me the link.
    After 10 minutes I mentioned that almost all my mails were deleted. Yes it’s true. ABOUT 344 MAILS WERE DELETED. Till now ( 2 days later) I cannot get any mail in my account and I’ve sent a lot of them to myself just to see what’s going on

  10. jack Says:

    blockoo is a malware
    and alejandro sena is a lier because he sold the msn and passwords database.

  11. Mike JP Says:


    Do you have permission from MSN to ask for their users id and passwords? If so, please provide the proof.

  12. Alejandro Sena Says:

    Mike: MSN release an API for that. It’s actually very easy to block external (or not verified) sites from getting MSN servers info. They let us do it and encourage developers to work with their API.

  13. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hmmm… but do you know any reason why MSN Messenger now blocks any mention of in messages?

  14. Alejandro Sena Says:

    I really don’t know, but probably because someone complains about the messages that their contacts send with the site URL.

  15. Frankie Sing Says:


    Stop lying for christ sake…

  16. Gothic Chick Says:

    Blockoo is a virus! dont download it!

  17. eva Says:

    well i got it and it did changed my msn nick to > To know who blocked or deeted you > … and so have some of my frens who click on the messages that my msn sent them regarding To make it clear, I did not send out any messages. And now my question is… How do i solve this problem?

  18. chu Says:

    I should have checked on it first before I enter.
    First off, I got logged off and when I came back, my list of friends asked about the site. So in fact, the software automatically sends messages “on my behalf”. And my screenname was changed too.
    Next what I did was to go back to the site and found my password being SAVED there. What is this?! even when there is a disclaimer that they dont store my id & pw in their database?
    Alejandro Sena is a liar. And still has the cheek to come and defend for himself.

  19. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi chu,

    Although I’m against what does, let me offer my insight from a programming perspective.

    It’s possible to save passwords on things called “cookies”. Cookies are stored on the visitor’s browser not on the server.

    You can get more information on cookies here.

  20. Alejandro Sena Says:

    I repeat for non-readers users: Blockoo used to change nicknames, now only send messages if YOU WANT. Uncheck the recommend option and you’ll know who blocked or deleted you without sending messages or changing your nick.

    It’s not a virus (…), nor a spyware, nor a password-stealer, etc. There is no proof about that and it’s imposible for anything bad to happen using blockoo. We never store passwords and we explain everything that we do in the FAQ section. Please people, read before trolling.

  21. Dave T Says:

    I also just got a message from an old friend with their name changed to “”.

    After reading the comments I find it hard to believe the intentions of are innocent.

    To anyone with a clue this is highly suspicious and I agree that this site should be branded as malware. Unfortunately, not everyone has a clue.

    Alejandro, I don’t agree with your allowing input of passwords for third party services.

    1. It’s a bad practice.
    2. You have no credibility or trust.
    3. It’s basically another form of phishing.

    You would perhaps have a _little_ more trust if you did things above board i.e. by not hijacking _your_ users accounts to send messages (and renaming them??). If you sent messages from your own account, it would set off less warning bells, although it would still be spam. The least this might have done for you is to not get branded as malware so quickly 😉

    Really bad press for (formerly

  22. Jolly Host Says:

    Mr. Sena,

    Either you’re incredibly naïve or you are a consummate liar. I won’t say which because I just don’t know you well enough, but in either case, I will still point out the numerous questionable aspects of your “service.”

    1) You’re a third-party vendor asking for MSN user names and passwords. This is probably the greatest single factor that makes your site highly suspicious. Already, your site is off to a rocky start. I suspect that your enterprise draws its inspiration from, which does the exact same thing in order to bolster membership, and I don’t trust them either with their, “Trust us. We promise we won’t store or use your password” assurances. Until your site implements encryption with digital certification as a TRUSTED third party, your promises mean less than the bandwidth it took to relay them. To this day, I still can’t figure out why so many people willingly pony up their passwords to any site that has no official relationship whatsoever with their e-mail providers, just as you don’t, but there you have it. If it weren’t for gullible people, I wouldn’t be here posting this message.

    2) Your site sends what is very clearly an automated message to people in the address book of users who previously used your site. In addition to several people who posted above, I received this message this morning through Messenger:

    “hey!! you really have to check this site it’s awesome, now you can see who blocked or deleted you :D:D!! try it right now (Y)”

    This is IDENTICAL to the message listed in the above warning, and has the stench of “automatied” all over it. The person whose account this came from has absolutely no knowledge of sending it, and having used your site as recently as YESTERDAY (June 6, 2007), never gave permission for you to send out spam in her name. That’s an unauthorized use of user information, and qualifies as malware, any way you look at it. Which brings into question all of your assurances given since May 24, 2007 on this site when you came to plead your case.

    3) You admit yourself that your site USED TO change the Messenger user nicknames of people who used you service. That’s malware. Why, in the name of anything that makes sense on the ‘Net, would your company do something so presumptuously obnoxious as change user nicknames without their permission in the first place? It doesn’t matter that you “don’t do it anymore, ” as you claim. The fact you’re your site was doing it in the first place is a pretty good indicator that your initial intent was either, again, naïve, or just plain malicious.

    The above three points alone are more than enough to qualify your site as potentially dangerous, or at the very least, really annoying. But add to this the one question that stuck out when your invitation first appeared uninvited in my friend’s name on Messenger: What exactly is the purpose of your site? I mean, really: “FIND OUT THE TRUTH! You can see who blocked or deleted you.” Were you serious when you came up with this idea? Besides relying upon the blatant emotional insecurity and lack of self-confidence among people who might feel compelled to use your site to “find out the truth” (a common tactic among phishers, hackers, and malware creators alike. Again, another strike against your service), your site has no practical value whatsoever, other than to appeal to the most primal of human emotion, namely “Am I loved?” No harm, no foul. After all, that’s why Reality TV is such a hit. People like to see strangers make fools of themselves so they can feel better about themselves. Such is human weakness.

    But what strikes me is that this service, which, as we’ve already established, culls info from user address books, likely results in no small number of hits for your site. Which means a lot of people are visiting your site. Which means a lot of bandwidth is getting eaten up. Which means your monthly costs must be rising considerably. And yet . . . You offer this service . . . .for free.

    Look, you may very well just be some honest entrepreneur looking to create the next big thing, but if it looks like malware, walks like malware, and quacks like malware, then the odds are pretty damned high that it IS malware. Your service is suspicious and useless, and I’m going to spread the word, if for no other reason than to nip in the bud your juvenile exploitation of people’s baser insecurities.

  23. Mike Says:

    blockoo DOES change ur nick… even if u didnt tick the reccomend box…. but it just does it so u wont notice it! when u type ur email and password in, it directly logs u out of msn… in that period of time when ur offline. ur nick is changed to “ > To know who blocked or deeted you >” and when u log back on, it changes back to the original nick

  24. Alejandro Sena Says:

    Dave T and Mike: That is impossible, let me show you the list grabber code in this link:

    Jolly: I’ve already repyed in my blog, check this link:

    And we have bought a SSL 128 Bits ceriticate that in a few hours will be fully installed:

    Hope you can change your opinion on blockoo, we are doing our best.

  25. Mark W. Says: is as low and dirty as any other adwares and pop-up advertisements. I’m getting a flood of automated instant messages from at least several dozen friends, of which have no consent or any idea that their msn names are being used as advertisement purposes. I’m getting at least 10 automated messages every god damn hour, it’s annoying!

    I reccomend that anyone do not use it! End of story.

  26. Kate Says:

    I have never type in username and password in any website until this one because I guess I was curious about who is blocking me. The website, I have to say, has a great hook.

    Mr. Sena,

    Can you please confirm that your website does not send out/ contain virus or spam or anything that will harm one’s PC?

    Furthermore, you claim that the website does not store the password in the server. However, as soon as I typed in my password, my msn messenger kicked me out because “I am logged onto msn messenger on another computer”

    If the password is really stored onto my computer’s cookie only (Client’s side cookie), how is it possible that “your whatever software that you are using” can log onto my account and kept sending those “recommendation message”?

    Can you explain how are those recommendation messages are being sent? Are they being sent from my computer or from your server? But we both know that you can only send IM using IM software.

    If it is being sent from my computer, that means, there is some sort of “software” installed onto my computer.

    If it is being sent from your server (your IM software with my account), that means, you have my password store onto your service or somewhere else.

    So I am very curious about how are those recommendation messages are being sent.

    Of course, the above statement is just my “assumptions” since I am not very knowledgeable and I will be more than happy to listen to your explanation to how

    Furthermore, again, you do aware that msn messenger’s password = hotmail’s password, right? and some customers have their credit card information stored with for purchasing service. This can be an act of phishing.

    I look forward to your reply.

    A very unhappy blockoo user,


  27. Alejandro Sena Says:

    Kate: Ok, let me explain everything to you in order.

    blockoo does not send anything that could harm the users PC. In fact, blockoo don’t even need to be used in a PC, you could try it in a cellphone or any mobile device without any messenger installed in it.

    It does not store it, whe used the password that you put in the form to login to your account (as explained in the homepage and in the How does it work? section), grab your contact list and tell you who deleted/blocked you.

    We are using an API (Application Programming Interface) to login to your account from our server with the password you just give to us. Remember that a webserver IS a computer.

    The messages are sended from the server, it’s impossible to access a users PC by just completing a form, with the password that you give to us. We login when you click on the form, we don’t save it, just use it when you tell us to do it.

    And yes, a lot of people use their Hotmail address as MSN Messenger account. As I said before: It’s imposible to check more than 300.000 accounts, we’ll need a really huge team to do it and probably Hotmail will be suspicious about so many account being accesed by the same IP address.

    Hope this help you understand and trust our service. If you have any other question please feel free to contact me by MSN Messenger at or just post another comment on this blog (sorry Azmeen to use it as a product tagboard).

  28. Barry Says:

    Okay, let me clear this up for all of you “high tech too smart for their own good” kind of people.

    Blockoo is TOTALLY innocent here. I am totally with the defendant, because I too have a similar company.

    I operate a website which asks for your online banking details, once you provide the details we go through your account, analyse your transactions and EMAIL you ways to save money. That is right, of course we are providing a free useful service, more useful than that of blockoo even. And, of course we need to make money.

    I will take the liberty of interviewing myself and ask myself some questions.

    -How do you make money?
    By advertising 🙂

    -Where do you advertise?
    In our clients bank statements.

    -What exactly do you mean, does the bank let you do that?
    That doesn’t matter.

    -This sounds weird , just how do you advertise in a bank statement???
    When we get 2 members logging in at the same time we get into their accounts, and analyse transactions. We then transfer 50 cents from both accounts to the other. For the account description we provide a URL, this is the company for which we are doing the advertising e.g. We can even insert a product name or anything, hey you can even propose to your future wife to be in her bank statement, 🙂

    -Does it cost me anything?
    No, we always make sure that we transfer the exact currency we took out of your account.

    -Are there any security risks? Are you even allowed to do this?
    No there aren’t and security risks. The banks want us to do this, they provide a free API to do it with.

    -Have you made a lot of money in this business? And as a successful entrepreneur what would you say the vital ingredient to your success is?
    Well.. business is booming. I would have to say an open minded idiot to the later question. Surveys have shown only idiots are bright enough to take advantage of our free services.

    -Do you have any other great business plans.
    Yeah in the future i want a plan where u come in, we give you a free check up and put an advertising tatoo on your ass, depending on how big your ass is you can make lots of money. Real estate = money. Also, it won;t be illegal as u wont be able to see your bottom anyway.

  29. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Man… that’s deep, Barry!

  30. John Says:

    I had discovered that the nickname on my computer had changed to the blockoo’s link. And your deed is like malware, don’t you think it? as you said before, the nickname will not be changed, and why my own nickname is changed? there must be some of do it, and you think it is the best way on promoting your website, fucking advertisement!

  31. Alejandro Sena Says:

    John: That’s impossible, you can check the source if you like

  32. sam Says:

    I’ve used blockoo once 3 days ago, I was clear to uncheck the option to save the username and password. Now when I logged into my msn, my fucking screen name says>To know who blocked or deeeted you >

    How the fuck do you change it.

  33. sam Says:

    For myself, I had added myself on my contact list. My list had me listed as>To know who blocked or deeeted you > Mother fucking blockoo. I right-clicked my name and changed the nickname, seems to be okay now.

  34. Alejandro Sena Says:

    I repeat: THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE. Check the source code, the lines that used to change the nickname are now commented…

  35. Jarrod Says:

    It DID change my nickname too but if you right click the new
    “>To know who blocked or deeeted you >” name and choose “edit nickname” or “add nickname” it gets rid of it.

    Fuck I hate shitty malware programs! almost as much as shitty liar programmers who talk in big words and post their “code” so that they sound and look smart!

    get a new hobby dude

  36. HI Says:


  37. Review:, Know Who Blocked Or Deleted You From MSN Messenger at Says:

    […] In the early days of operation, the [website URL] was inserted as However, MSN Messenger must have blocked/banned that URL from appearing in any conversation due to complaints on spamming. The URL was later changed to a TinyURL. Only recently (5th June 2007), the domain name was purchased to replace the TinyURL (as shown as the screenshot in Freethinker’s blog). […]

  38. Marc Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA, anyone stupid enough to hand over their passwords to an unverified site deserves everything they get. These people will only learn the hard way. Morons.

  39. Change Your Password ASAP If You Used at Says:

    […] far, their arguments are based on trust. They bought an SSL certificate, reveal their source code to the public, boast over their “more than 350,000 users” and […]

  40. CK Says:

    When I got the “malware” or whatever u called it from blockoo, I also got 2 other frds who send me the following by msn… guess they are all the same malware, but I was scared to go there, so I hv not been ….

    hey!! you really have to check this site it’s awesome, now you can see who blocked or deleted you :D:D!! try it right now (Y)

    hey!! you really have to check this site it’s awesome, now you can see who blocked or deleted you :D:D!! try it right now (Y)

  41. CK Says:


    hey!! you really have to check this site it’s awesome, now you can see who blocked or deleted you :D:D!! try it right now (Y)


  42. Alejandro Sena Says:

    CK: Beware? Is better to uncheck the “Recommend” option button.

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  44. KittyKat Says:

    Hi everybody!!!
    I recieved an instant msn message from a contact inviting you to use it, I don’t know why I went there, probably because I had just woken up and was so asleep I wasn’t thinking straight, once I typed my account info nothiing happened, and when I tryed to loggin to msn I couldn’t, though no error message appears…It kept on going to the sign up msn window, so there was no internet connection problem, they had just F*CKed it up!!! I read on this blog that you had to change pass a.s.a.p, I did so and could get in, but who knows what they’re doing to my contacts!!! some said they’re getting strange messages, spam and invitations through msn to use the service…which I concurr is useless………just give the people who blocked you a break since most of us have blocked others as well….don’t ya think?!?!?!
    I salute all of you and good luck

  45. Alejandro Sena Says:

    KittyKat: I repeat one more time: The site connects to your account and send messages to your contacts, that’s why you can’t login. Wait a few minutes and then you’ll be able to do it again.

    The site explain it perfectly, I think you should read what you are using…

    spanish /* Que raro que un argentino sea tan boludo en estas cosas, yo pensaba que éramos más vivos que los demás. Se ve que no, primero te falta leer bien lo que usás y después recorré los blogs tirando mierda porque no te tomaste el tiempo de informarte sobre como funciona. */ spanish


  46. KittyKat Says:

    Alejandro…can you explain why all my mails are gone?

  47. Alejandro Sena Says:

    KittyKat: I think you should ask yourself that. What’s the point about deleting all the users e-mails? Please… just think for half a second before posting. Are you going to ask me why your girfrield left you too? C’mon…

  48. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Perhaps you too should think Mr Sena. What’s the point of providing a so-called “service” that supposedly checks who blocks you on an IM network? I’m sure someone didn’t think for half a second before creating this “service”.

    Perhaps you should also think why someone would advertise adult services on such web site without asking for age verification? Didn’t that someone think for half a second before doing this?

  49. KittyKat Says:

    My ”girlfriend” never left me, since you assume stuff about me, then I assume you’re a liar and the second I put my password on your site all my mails were gone, I don’t know why you do it or if its an error on your shitty service but I’ve lost important personal information that I’m never seeing again, so maybe you could think for half a second berfore launching stuff that f*cks with people’s accounts.

  50. Alejandro Sena Says:

    Azmeen: Yeah, I think it very well before creating it. That’s why we have almost 500,000 users in two months. It was very well tought. And the advertisement is not adult, the correc qualification is PG-13. So if a 12 years child is surfing the web without control of their parents that’s nothing to do with me.

    KittyKat: And why didn’t you say that in the first comment? Oh… you notice that a day later, sure. C’mon, stop flaming.

  51. King Says:

    Case 1: Blockoo indeed changes the msn nick to an advertisement for blockoo. Without permission from owner. Happens in other comps signed in with same login.

    Case 2: Blockoo does work what it claims: you can find out who delete or block you.

    Case 3: Blockoo maybe a malware but users have the option not to use it. Blockoo perhaps should include clearer removal method.

    Case 4: Blockoo might want to investigate why there are users claiming that it deletes all the emails in the hotmail account. It may be a bug or perhaps intended?

    Case 5: Apologies if the above offended anyone. Period.

  52. Alejandro Sena Says:

    Case 1: We DO NOT change it. I’ve tested myself and I’ve showed the code to you all. It’s impossible. Please, if someone get the nick changed LET ME KNOW the steps followed and what does your nick says after using blockoo.

    Case 3: Removal method? It does not install anything in your computer nor MSN account. You don’t have nothing to remove.

    Case 4: There are no users complaining about that, just one (here) and he is a troll.

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  54. styliana Says:

    who had blocked me

  55. Dave Says:


    I read up where you said your site will NOT send messages to your contacts if you simply ‘uncheck the box’.

    IF your site WOULD send messages to their contacts, then that is hacking. And hacking is a crime in the UNITED STATES.

    Also, my fiance received a message from your site due to one of her contacts (who, by the way, CLAIMS to be microsoft certified) doing the un-wise thing of inputting his msn username and password.
    On top of that, the message appeared in spanish, and your site had generated a nic similar to her contacts nic.

    Again, that would be considered hacking.

    Ciao for now

  56. KittyKat Says:

    I did notice a day later since I don’t check my hotmail inbox everyday. When I gave my password the nick changed to when I finally could logg in the msn, and my contacts recieved invitations to use your service, after that I changed my password and everything was back to normal except for all mails in hotmail inbox were gone…I don’t understand why Alejandro says I’m bluffing…I don’t gain anything lying bout this, so I hope you believe me once and for all and at least try to do your site work without f*cking accounts…I’m sure his proud of his site but if he doesn’t take seriously what all of us are saying his site is less serious and it makes us think he’s even more susspicious, looks like he’s hiding s’mthing…hat’s all folks! have a nice one.

  57. Pedestrian Says:


    You’ve introduced yourself, repeated a lots of explanation and revealed some of your codes just to get people’s trust.
    Well, I kinda believe that your intention is not malicious, till now no solid proof about your site hijacking accounts (I don’t know what have caused the missing mail problem, I haven’t encountered one yet).
    But even if you give us the access power to your company’s DB, you can’t stop people suspecting your site as malicious. The reason is simple, your site is a 3rd party website requesting for private information. (Who knows if one of your employee do a few tweak on your website and tweak it back 30 seconds later just to have fun by harming people, you can never stop other people from being irresponsible)
    No matter how safe your site is, giving password to a 3rd party body is a dangerous practice, I believe that you also won’t do such a stupid thing.

    Conclusion, I believe that your site is currently safe, but I still don’t encourage people to try on your site, or any other similar sites.

  58. Kaiba Says:

    Lool people are so stupid 😛
    it’s a damn scam


    And if people have blocked you… DEAL WITH IT!

  59. Docvirus Says:

    Never give out your password to anyone else! If your password is for hotmail and msn, just use it there and not anywhere else. Murphy’s law: “Things that can go wrong, will eventually go wrong”. The same applies to every online SH*T things. I rest my case.

  60. Evgeniy Dragunov Says:

    so alejandro you have SO MUCH USERS now you change that advertisment crap that sends messages to other users and changes the nickname you dont need that cause you have a great idea i would use it anyway and i would find out sooner or later from friends cause its useful tool

    and i wana see that microsoft agree with your core and DB

  61. Tel the truth Says:

    just some information about the nick change issue.

    Remember that Live Messenger services is now save the nick of their user. While blockoo log on with your id to check who had blocked you, it log on with the nick consist of their web site. That is why the nick apeared to be ”>To know who blocked or deeeted you >” to your friends in your list. It will take this chance to send advertisement to your friend in your list.

    If fact Alejandro claims is true, it didn’t change your nick in your computer, and it can work on pda, mobile phone or any mobile device which support http. Ya, he DIDN”T LIE on THAT statement, but he INTENTIONALLY lead everyone into THINKING on the WRONG DIRECTION. Well what he does is just like logging in your account with another computer. He didn’t change the info on your computer, but he is still SPOOFING your IDENTITY.

    The side effect is the changed nick is stored in Live Messenger server, which even our Mr. Alejandro didn’t notice this. When user is relogging in, the nick is downloaded to the computer. It is jsut like when you formatted your computer and reinstall MSN, using MSN on public computer, your original nick will apeared automatically. While in this case, the nick changed by blockoo while logging in your id, is downloaded into your account.

  62. Jacob Says:

    You know how I found this site? By doing a google search after I noticed a former coworker’s name is showing up as “ > To know who blocked….”. Thats right, its doing it right now.

    Sorry Alejandro, but you lost all credibility. Whether or not you commented the code out is irrelevant, since you did it in the first place – which is dirty. Instead of apologizing, you dodge the issue and come up with excuses.

    You are a dirty businessman and I am going to warn everyone I know about you. I will also have to alert my former coworker that you hijacked his display name.

  63. Ray Says:

    Maybe Alejandro can help to explain this or maybe those that had used the can try this if you got time.

    Due to the natural of my job required me to test application thru internet, I had two msn account so that sometime I can do some file transfer or sending msg between the two pc.

    When I first use the blockoo, I am using a msn client on the test system. I noticed that my nick was replaced with “ > To know who blocked….” Yes, I can just change away the nick and no issues from there.

    The interesting thing that I notice is that if I am not using MSN client. The same issues appearred again. I login from another of my test system which I had trillian client installed. My nick had been changed back to “ > To know who blocked….”

    I am not very sured how to change the nick for this client trillian. I did some further test by login both cilent and true enough when I login with trillian, my nick will be change to “ > To know who blocked….”

    Personal feel, I do serious think this is an invaded of our pirvacy. I can take it if it is a one time and when we change this away, it should not be back again. It is like those freeware program that sometime come with addition software that came with the installation and if we need not notice it in the first place, we still able to uninstall it afterward.

    Alejandro, if you claim that it is safe, then where is the option for us to opt out of this? Even after I changed my password, I still faced the same issues. This seriously giving me doubt. We will only able to know about this thru friend if they ask us about it or people who had two msn account. I don’t think the website indidate this clearly at all.

  64. MD Says:

    Alejandro you little silly bastard :D,, smart though.
    Anyway, in the world we live in, I guess not more than 10% of users know what they are doin on the net,,, so people like Alejandro will keep making money LIKE IT OR NOT,,, but just to let u know Alejandro,,, ur smart and we are stupid.

  65. Leptoon Says:

    hear this:

    – I innocently followed a link to from somebody in my contact list.

    – I entered my info (user and pass) and DIDNT CLICK ANYTHING.

    – In a burst of wisdom i closed Firefox.

    – Next day (today) ALL MY CONTACTS ARE GONE/DELETED~?

    I am an experienced user, running MacMessenger on a Powermac Intel G5

    Could Alejandro explain?

  66. jac Says:

    though it has not been confirmed by any external source whether blockoo is reliable, i think it would be safe to say that keeping your personal information private is the best solution. there are many malicious sites out there and though blockoo may not be one, i wouldn’t be as unwise as to give away my password.

  67. mel Says:

    i would like to say i am one of those ppl who regretabley signed on to this website and yes it does screw things up, and all those who sign on to it. i am not impressed at all.
    and a word to the wise NEVER and i mean NEVER SIGN ON TO THIS WEBSITE.

  68. James Says:

    Hi there,
    i think so this guy from blockoo have with this Blog the best Advertisement ever. This Blog is so large he have the best placements in the search engines.

    I received today also this worst message in my MSN and i start to search for what happen with this Service and find this Blog here. I also find the Code from him is a little bit bad. Also when he povide us the code for read, are u sure he will give he complete Code from the first to the last line. I create also software and never i will give code away.

    And what kind of people give their USR and PWD in a third party site for checks. Also where need this kind of checks (i’m blocked or deleted….whats matter).

  69. WayneFromOz Says:

    Your unreal mate, i reckon you could convince a jury in a murder trial & come out of it innocent with a compensation payment in your favour. I admire your defence skills on this issue & I reckon you should seek a job as a lawyer, magistrate or QC. Mate, here in Australia our polititians would pay you well for this sort of lip service.
    Wayne 🙂