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Ex Coke Secretary Joya Williams Jailed for Selling Secrets To Pepsi

Wow, talk about corporate espionage… but this time it has gone dreadfully wrong for Joya Williams. She was handed an eight year prison sentence and had this to say:

“Your honor, I have expanded my consciousness through this devastating experience,” Williams said before she was sentenced. “This has been a very defining moment in my life I have become infamous when I never wanted to become famous.”

She added, “I am sorry to Coke and I’m sorry to my boss and to you and to my family as well.”

6 responses to “Ex Coke Secretary Joya Williams Jailed for Selling Secrets To Pepsi”.

  1. Johnny Yuma Says:

    There must be something to the saying, “If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.” After two former convictions, and now this, maybe now Joya has learned this and will mind her p’s and q’s in the future. Well 8 years isn’t so long. When she gets out she will still be younger than me. Grin n’ bear it girrrrrrrl. 🙂

  2. papajoneh Says:

    I heard this in our local radio. I just laughed at the whole drama. Already Ex but still got penalised… hmmm. I better check my employment handbook. Kekeke.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    The case’s focus point was not because she’s an ex-employee of Coca-Cola, but the fact that she attempted a crime based on greed.

    She effectively wanted to sell trade secrets which were not hers in the first place, hence my choice of the words “corporate espionage”.

  4. Wahlau.NET Says:

    wow…who betray her?

  5. the truth Says:

    Where does she get off trying to do a white collar crime. First of all that is reserved for Enron executives, etc. She was out of her league because usually that is committed by caucasian men who bilk millions from the innocent poor workers. Then only get a slap on the wrist. The judge had to set an example of her because she went above and beyond the bounds of crime when she stepped into a world dominated by white criminals.

  6. alumini southwestdekalb Says:

    i went to high school with her and i’m not surprised. hopefully she has learned a lesson and will start anew
    when she gets out. finally, after all these years she can
    grow up!!!