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What’s Technorati Anyway?

In case you’re wondering; Yes! It’s a rhetorical question! I’m inspired to write this after reading engtech’s recent post; Opting Out of Technorati – The Break-up.

Almost every blogger out there knows what Technorati is all about… or at least they think they do. I ping Technorati, mostly because Ping-O-Matic is a preset RPC ping service in WordPress. So I just left it there untouched since the day I started using WP.

In terms of incoming traffic, Technorati is almost useless for HTNet. Sure, I’d probably get a few hundred hits from Technorati… in about three years. Yeah, it really is that lousy as a source of traffic for me.

Previously, I’ve been pointing rel='tag' links to Technorati for more than a year. The reason I stopped is because… simply put, it’s a one way street kind of deal. I’m very sure that I’ve provided at least 20 times the amount traffic to Technorati (not to mention PageRank juice) than what they’ve provided in return.

Eventhough I personally think that Technorati is just a Web 2.0 hype gone way overboard, there are obviously other bloggers who love them. To me, the only bloggers that will benefit from Technorati are those who write things that are in Technorati’s Top Searches and Top Tags. Everyone else will hardly get any traffic from Technorati.

So what do you think of Technorati? Is it a beneficial tool for you?

2 responses to “What’s Technorati Anyway?”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    wow, this is really interesting topic. I know at least i found 1 friend from the technorati tag thing. But to say technorati given me traffic… i do not think so. so, conclusion? I am still confused on this matter. I guess for a newbie like me, I just want to give option to them who uses technorati search to find my blog. 🙂

  2. kucau Says:

    erkkk, what d hell is technorati