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Magnets Can Assist In Regeneration Of Brain Cells

Magnets have always been hyped as the next alternative medical thingamajig. From magnetic bracelets to mattresses embedded with magnetic bits, lots of marketing have gone behind the wonderful powers of magnets. All the while, I’ve always been a skeptic on the purported health benefits of magnets.

Now, boffins from City University in New York suggest that magnets can actually boost mental performance:

Scientists in New York promoted the growth of new neurons in the brains of mice using a magnetic stimulus in the region associated with memory.

Presenting the results at the American Academy for Neuroscience conference, the researchers said the results may lead to treatments for Alzheimer’s.

However, if proven the technique is more likely to be a way of slowing progression of the disease than a cure.

Experts said the work was encouraging but would need to be replicated in humans.

2 responses to “Magnets Can Assist In Regeneration Of Brain Cells”.

  1. kucau Says:

    mice is not human and human is not mice. as long as there is no real clinical evidence via randomized double blind study ill crossed my fingers 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Yep, and eventhough I’m not a doctor like you… I remain a skeptic until the same effect can be seen in humans as well 🙂