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Microsoft: Linux Infringes Our Patents, But We’re Too Busy To Disclose Them

First, the monopoly from Redmond claims that Linux, my operating system of choice, infringes 235 Microsoft patents. Now they claim that they can’t give details because of administrative overheads:

Microsoft patents attorney Jim Markwith told OSBC it would be “impossible” for Redmond’s bureaucrats to respond to the volume of responses that would result form disclosure. Also, apparently, it’s ungentlemanly to name names.

If you make a claim which you can’t back up with facts, it’s called bullshit in my books.

Not only have Microsoft failed to show a single line of stolen Microsoft code in the Linux kernel, or even one Microsoft patent that was so-called infringed by the Linux community… it continues time and time again to engage in an IP terrorism campaign against the open source community.

Microsoft: 235 Patents Infringed By Linux, But We Can’t Even Name ONE. We’re Just Too Busy (With Our FUD Campaign)!

5 responses to “Microsoft: Linux Infringes Our Patents, But We’re Too Busy To Disclose Them”.

  1. Dabido Says:

    Yeah, how do they know there is 235 infringements if they’re too bust to even name one. Surely if they’ve found even ONE they’d be able to name what it was!
    I think the problem is all the infringing patents possibly have prior art on them, and as such would nullify MS’s patents if they were revealed.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Yep, agree… they probably even patented “Hello World” 😛

  3. mypapit Says:

    lol, classic FUD, they dont want corporate users to adopt linux as it creates serious competition

  4. legalrap Says:

    That is a misquote. Here is the actual quote:
    “Most people familiar with patents know it’s standard operating procedure not to go out and list the patents you have because of the administrative work required,” said attorney Jim Markwith with Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs. “The response that it would invoke would be administratively impossible to work with. You won’t see any company list the patents they have. Even those they are actively licensing or cross licensing.”

  5. Let's Help Microsoft Find Linux Patent Infringements - HTNet Says:

    […] our buddies at Redmond are apparently too busy and gentlemanly to name the patents that the bad guys behind Linux have apparently infringed; I’ve decided to help them… […]