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Is It The End For RegisterFly?

The web hosting company that is voted as the worst in the industry could be closing shop soon, as reported by The Register:

ICANN announced Friday that RegisterFly and CEO Kevin Medina have been held in contempt of court, and that the preliminary injunction issued by United States District Court Judge Manuel L. Real issued on April 26 had been made permanent. RegisterFly and Mr. Medina now have until June 1 to hand over all registrant data to ICANN for transfer to a new registrar, which is rumored to be

The order levies fines of $5,000 per day on RegisterFly and Mr. Medina if they fail to comply with the order on June 1

If this is true, then GoDaddy could benefit handsomely from the deal. RegisterFly seems to have a lot of existing customers… and I honestly wonder why, considering the extremely bad press they have received.

More news about the RegisterFly scandal can be read on Registerflies.