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Blogging for Bucks

Well, another thingy I can put on my CV; Experienced Blogger 😛

I saw this post on /. which basically states that blogging is now a real “business skill” which seems to be pretty much in demand. It also links to this article (which has a needlessly bloody long URL) in the WSJ.

After reading through the WSJ article, it really does make perfect sense to me that blogging should be regarded as a serious marketing tool. It really is! It creates awareness about a company’s products and/or services, therefore it’s only logical that the industry acknowledges its importance.

I mean, surely many of you have seen cult sites which criticizes the products or services of companies where the “former consumer” felt that he/she has been screwed over. I do find such expression of anger and/or frustration to be quite normal. Therefore I wouldn’t find anything strange with a blog that regularly praises the products and/or services of “well-behaving” companies… yeah, even if the blogger gets paid for doing so.

Anyone wants to hire me? 😉

3 responses to “Blogging for Bucks”.

  1. LcF Says:

    they use the term “Pro Blogger” for bloggers who living on blogging.

  2. Basu Says:

    This is long overdue. People are bound to trust people llike themselves more than they will the company PR or sales rep.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    LcF, thanks for the definition. I must have missed putting it in.

    Wow, I’m getting comments from well-known Malaysian bloggers now… and a fellow Johorean at that! Woot! I’m getting famous myself 😛

    Basu, well, if you look at it closely, it’s really no different from word-of-mouth marketing. You get good service, you’ll spread the news. You get poor service, you’ll do the same.

    I guess the real significant contribution made by these “Pro Bloggers” are that online content tend to last for much longer. Also, the value of the message doesn’t get lost as they tend to do in word-of-mouth marketing where the real message keeps getting diluted as they move along the grapevine.

    Thanks for your comments, guys!