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Let’s Help Microsoft Find Linux Patent Infringements

Since our buddies at Redmond are apparently too busy and gentlemanly to name the patents that the bad guys behind Linux have apparently infringed; I’ve decided to help them… with your help of course!

With the assistance of our good friend Google’s amazing Patent Search; I found that Microsoft has exactly 600 patents listed there… surely some of the 235 patents that Linux allegedly infringes would be in that list. Now here’s how you could help:

  • Link to or give the URL to a specific patent, and tell us which part/function of the Linux kernel; and/or any other open source application infringes that patent
  • Discuss, argue and/or bicker over whether a patent infringement had actually occured
  • Provide proof of prior art, if you think there is one
  • Link to this post to give it the exposure it deserves (you know it does deserve more attention)

What are you waiting for?! Let’s get the ball rolling!