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Microsoft Should Work With Open Source Software

One of the wonderful things about FOSS is that anyone can use it in any way whatsoever. A good example would be web applications. This has always been a forte of open source software.

Love it or hate it, Apache is the de-facto web server software; PHP and Perl are established web scripting language (Ruby and Python are also gaining web credibility at a very quick pace); and MySQL is very much a synonym for “web database”. One thing worth noting is that all of the software named above, runs on Microsoft Windows as well.

With this in mind, MÃ¥rten Mickos (CEO of MySQL AB), reminded Microsoft that it should work with, rather than against, the Open Source movement. By taking an anti-Open Source approach, Microsoft risks sacrificing developer support and credibility among customers – even Windows loyalists:

According to Mickos: “If you won’t work with MySQL, PHP and Ruby then you are lost – that’s always been our message.”

Microsoft is clearly aware it must ensure open source languages, middleware and applications run just as well on Windows as Windows-only languages, middleware and applications, otherwise open source developers will deploy on Linux.

As such, Microsoft has technology deals with SugarCRM, Zend Technologies, JBoss (now part of Red Hat) and Novell, while it’s devised versions of Python and Ruby for the .NET Framework. MySQL, meanwhile, last year joined Microsoft’s Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program and developed a Visual Studio plug in for developers building applications for its database.

There’s plenty of scope left to help developers using Visual Studio for MySQL and to improve data, analytics and application interoperability between MySQL, SQL Server and other Microsoft server and Office applications.

2 responses to “Microsoft Should Work With Open Source Software”.

  1. Dabido Says:

    At the conference I was at in January, an MS Spokesperson made some very unusual remarks which made it sound like MS had started then entire OSS thing off.

    I was pretty off put by what I’d heard [especially as it was a talk on INNOVATION and everything that Microsoft was showing, such as Handwriting Recognition etc, I’d seen previously – in fact up to ten years previously on things like the Apple Newton].

    Still, they’re able to fool people who’ve never heard of Linux, Unix, Solaris, and other OS’s.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Yeah, I just don’t get the FUD campaign by Microsoft…

    It’s not like it has to be a “with us or against us” thingy.

    Why can’t we just get along 🙂