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Dissecting The Pak Lah Wedding Effect On HTNet

If you’re Malaysian, you’d probably know by now that our dear Prime Minister, YAB Dato’s Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dropped a bombshell yesterday by announcing his imminent marriage to Jeanne Abdullah. The private function will be held this Saturday.

I first heard of this news via SMS at 12:15pm. I was having lunch and almost choked when I read the message. I thought, surely this is just another rumour. I ate as fast as I could and returned to the office in a hurry. Google returned blanks, and I headed towards PPS

Lo and behold, there were about four or five blog posts there mentioning this news. A quick session of blog-hopping led me to the official press statement from the PMO.

I’m sure my blog post was one of the first 50 (I’m absolutely positive that it’s within the first 100) or so on the blogosphere which touched on the topic. Being among the first to write about this announcement garners significant amount of traffic.

So massive was the sudden influx of traffic, that it’d choked my poor server for about 10 minutes. To illustrate the “Pak Lah Wedding Effect” on HTNet, I prepared some before and after screenshots of my web stats.

This is the state of my web statistics (June 01 to June 06; all dates are according to my server’s timezone: GMT-5) prior to the announcement:

Summary: Before Pak Lah Wedding Effect

The number of unique visitors I had for yesterday alone surpassed the figure shown above. Meaning, for the past 24 hours, I had more visitors than the previous six days combined! Check out the stats after the “Pak Lah Wedding Effect”:

Summary: After Pak Lah Wedding Effect

Want to see daily specifics? Glad you asked! Highlighted in the image below is the massive difference in yesterday’s traffic compared to the earlier days:

Daily: Pak Lah Wedding Effect

If you’re wondering where the hell does all that traffic comes from, the next section should be very interesting to you. Let me tell you in advance that a huge majority of that traffic came from search engines. Apparently, a lot of people want to know who Pak Lah is marrying and how she looks like.

Here’s my top search terms statistics before the wedding announcement:

Top Searches: Before Pak Lah Wedding Effect

And here’s how it looked like after yesterday’s announcements:

Top Searches: After Pak Lah Wedding Effect

Six out of the Top 10 search queries have the term “Jeanne Abdullah” in it. Such a curious bunch, us Malaysians 🙂

And for those of your who’re still looking for the picture of our soon-to-be Mrs PM, you might want to check out this post by Cindy.

3 responses to “Dissecting The Pak Lah Wedding Effect On HTNet”.

  1. ezams Says:

    Ho..ho.. Congrats mate.. :mrgreen:

    You just behind of Bernama.Com on “Jeanne Abdullah” keyword and First place on “Pak Lah Wedding Effect” keyword in Google (during I write this comment).

    How about your adsense’s click through? Is it increase too?
    Just curious if u don’t mind to share 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi ezams,

    Yep, I knew that before I even posted this post. I’ve never had any problems about search engine positioning.

    As for the AdSense clickthrough rate… you’d probably be disappointed to hear this; no it didn’t.

    However, this is not unexpected. You got to understand the essence of how AdSense works. It’s a keyword heavy advertising system.

    If people could speculate that Jeanne Abdullah will definitely be Pak Lah’s next wife, they’d probably gain a few hundred clicks from the traffic spike I experienced.

  3. cindy Says:

    Wah Azmeen! Thanks for the link to me! :mrgreen: Happynya aku!