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I’m Off to KL

I’m taking three days leave (Monday to Wednesday) and will be going to KL. I’m leaving JB in a few hours time. So if you notice that I’m not posting anything or replying to any comments during that time, chances are I’m living my life offline for a while 😛

I’ll be taking a few pictures. I haven’t been uploading any for quite some time. I still do have some cool Petronas Twin Towers photos that I was thinking to upload, but I guess many of you have seen the towers anyway. I’ll be looking out for more unique photos.

Since I’ll be in KL, I would like to visit some of the shopping malls there… I would probably go to Times Square to see if there’s any chages to the place compared to when I visited it last, which was like half a year ago. If I’m not mistaken, Lainie works there somewhere… Let’s see if I could spot her 😛

4 responses to “I’m Off to KL”.

  1. suanie Says:

    are you going to like, come see me? 😮

  2. tyler Says:

    Have a good time dude. I really need to take a vacation, even a little one. Going white water rafting in July. 🙂

  3. Lainie Says:

    hahahhahha….Goooood luck. it’s my off day today 😀

  4. Lainie Says:

    say, are you going for the PPS blogmeet thing?