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Petition For JB Police To Do A Better Job

Of all the civil services in Malaysia, I respect the Royal Malaysian Police the most. They are an often under-appreciated group of professionals that help keep the peace and make life better for law-abiding citizens.

Nevertheless, the level of commercial crimes as well as violent crimes are beginning to become overwhelming for residents of Johor Bahru. Let me give a few examples;

For the past week or so, there were a few hit-and-rape cases around JB. Yes, you heard that right, hit-and-rape, not hit-and-run! The thing is, this was not a once off case. It happened a number of times just last week alone!

Commercial crimes is also on the rise. The one type of commercial crime that I’m trying to get widely publicised is scratch-and-win scams. Currently, the biggest scratch-and-win syndicate in Malaysia is Welley Corporation Sdn Bhd. They seem to be getting more and more active in Johor Bahru. Right now, they seem to be actively targeting Singaporean visitors. Is this part of the Visit Malaysia Year activities the government has in store for them?

With this in mind, I’ve signed a petition drafted by the Tiong-Hua Association of Johor Bahru. For those who can’t read Chinese or Bahasa Malaysia, here’s my translation of the text:

We feel that the peace and security in Johor Bahru is getting more precarious and the citizens are getting worried and restless. Therefore, we are signing this petition to communicate our concerns to the authorities. We hope that the Police focus more on this issue and put in their full effort in eradicating crime in order to regain the confidence of citizens

At the time of this post, almost 40,000 people have signed the online petition. I know that a paper petition drive is also concurrently taking place.

I urge everyone to please sign the petition. It is for a good cause. Even if you’re not from Johor Bahru, please show your support. Who knows, the next crime victim might be your friend or loved one.

Let’s let the Royal Malaysian Police know that with their recent pay rise comes big responsibilities. The Rakyat has spoken. Now the ball is in their court.

7 responses to “Petition For JB Police To Do A Better Job”.

  1. Kay Kastum Says:

    So sickened to come to know that even a pregnant woman is not spared in one of the rapes..
    I’ve signed the petition. Let’s make our own back yard a safe place again.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Thanks for signing the petition, Kay.

    This one resident of JB appreciates it very, very much.

  3. Kay Kastum Says:

    Just doing what is right. Together perhaps we all can make some changes!

  4. cindy Says:

    Oh my goodness! We have really sick people in this country!

    I’ve signed the petition too. Hope it’ll contribute to something at least. 🙂

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    cindy: Thanks for your support. Hopefully JB police will shape up faster, two more similar cases were reported yesterday.

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  7. cheyaletchimi karupaya Says:

    i fully support the above post. hope and pray that jb police are hard working and energetic to curb the culpprits and make the state free for a peacefull living.