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I’m Back!

Missed me? Heh, anyway, I just got back from KL a few hours ago… actually my time of arrival is precisely 1530 @ GMT+8. By 1730, I’m at the office and being briefed by my MD on what has been happenning for the past three days (my leave period)… ah the challenges of business in these trying times 🙂 It just makes me feel alive.

Soon after that, I went to a Proton Savvy launch at a close friend’s dealership. Seems bloody obvious that Proton has its eyes focused on the compact car market which has always been dominated by local rival Perodua. BTW, Perodua launched their latest model, Myvi roughly three weeks ago.

The two not only looks, but are priced similarly too… hell, even their names are almost the same! Both companies have gone on a totally different direction with their naming schemes. Nevertheless, from my first hand view of the two, I still prefer the Myvi over Proton’s new offering. The rear passenger legroom for Myvi is still much spacious compared to Savvy. But heck, both cars look much better than their predecessors. Finally, Malaysian compact cars that look modern and stylish.

Now back to my vacation story. I went for a swimming-cum-picnic-trip at Sungai Tekala, Selangor. Nice cold water, trees everywhere. I bet you can tell that I’m not really a nature lover, heh. I took a few pics, probably will upload them here later.

As promised, I also went to Times Square… and no, I didn’t stalk Lainie, nor did I go to any blogger convention. Like I said, I had totally zero interaction with the Internet whilst I was away… so I didn’t even know that there was such a blogmeet planned. My loss, I guess.

I did have fun on the rides at the indoor theme park in Times Square. I must have been a pilot in my previous life because not a single one of the rides made me puke… But I sure as hell had some long missing, g-force induced, adrenaline rush. For those with a weak stomach, stay the hell clear of DNA Mixer! It looks innocent enough when sitting idle, but when the ride starts… it’s really scary… heck, I rode the thing a few times and every time, someone pukes right after the ride! Definitely not recommended for those with weak stomaches.

Catching up on the latest tech news, I noticed that Apple finally confirmed that they do have plans to develop OSX for Intel chips (is it also safe to assume that it’ll be x86 compatible?). Never thought the day would come… heh, not that I’m actually pining for OSX on x86 anyway. And as usual, the paranoid “Linux is now oh so dead” crowd, will have something to say about it.

On a more personal note, I’m starting to have a feeling that vacations actually stresses me out more than working. I missed the challenges of operating a business severely. Heck… maybe I’m just a bloody corporate bastard… and proud of it too 😛

2 responses to “I’m Back!”.

  1. Lainie Says:

    there was a blogmeet? …………?

    I don’t work in Times Square anyhow 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Ouch… could’ve sworn I read somewhere in your blog that you are working there. My bad!

    Anyhow, mentioning of the blogmeet thingy was a respond to your comment about the PPS blogmeet, which I didn’t look up before making this post. Now that I have, I can see it’ll be on June 23rd… which unfortunately means I couldn’t attend 🙁