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Giant’s Idiotic Quality Of Service Campaign

I recently bought a few things at Giant Taman Pelangi. Take a look at the receipt I got and guess how many items I bought. For your information, the receipt is exactly 61.9 centimeters long, that’s 24.37 inches for you non-metric folks.

61.9cm Long Giant Receipt

Fifty? Eighty? Believe it or not, I got that receipt from buying only four items. Yes, four! It’s just very unlucky for me and more than ten other customers behind me that the four items I bought cost more than RM50.

Why am I unlucky? Because with that purchase of RM52.26, I’m entitled to participate in Giant’s Famous Brands contest. In addition to that, anyone who buys RM50++ of goods from Giant will also get to participate in Giant’s Rate Our Cashiers Campaign! Yay to me!

I actually timed how long the cash register took to churn out the contest and survey forms on my receipt: 12 seconds. Not that long you say? Have you even shopped at Giant Taman Pelangi?

When I started queuing to pay for the stuff, there were five people in front of me. All of them had trolleys at least half full with groceries. I can safely assume that the value of each person’s purchases would definitely be more than RM50.

Now, let’s do some basic maths. 12 seconds multiplied by 5 people; and I’ve wasted one minute of my life being in a queue because Giant’s clueless management thought that having a slow cash register print out a contest/feedback form combo is better than letting their cashiers attach a pre-printed form to the receipt. And that doesn’t take into account the typical slow scanning process by the cashiers.

The thing that just kills me is the survey question, which is; Please tick the boxes if you think I have:

  1. Smiling Face
  2. Greetings (eg. Hello/Good Morning)
  3. Efficiency in scanning products
  4. Accurate in returning change
  5. Say “Thank you and please come again”

This just shows how stupid Giant’s management is. Hello! It won’t take you more than five minutes observation time per cashier to see that:

  1. None of your cashiers smile at customers, unless they happen to be sharing a joke with the cashier at the next counter
  2. If they don’t smile at customers, do you think they’ll even say anything to them?
  3. How hard is it to scan a barcode using the scanner? If anything messes up here, I doubt it’s because of the cashiers; it has got more to do with the scanner or the barcode itself
  4. Of course they’re accurate. The cash register calculates everything for them!
  5. HAHAHAHA! You are talking about Giant, right?

Now, I have nothing against Giant’s cashiers. This is an entry-level job that doesn’t really require any experience. I blame this solely on Giant’s management. You’ve got someone who’s probably having a job for the first time in his or her life. It’s up to you, the management, to instill your corporate values to these people! That’s assuming Giant has some sort of corporate values other than “We sell things cheap. Really cheap!”.

In fact, Giant’s cheapness shows throughout the store. I’m referring to your Taman Pelangi store here. Goods are stuffed wherever there’s an inch of space! It’s so stuffed that pushing a trolley in your aisles should require a license!

And don’t let me get started on your stupid trolleys. I feel as if I had just gone through an intensive bicep workout just by pushing your creaking trolleys for half an hour.

You want to have a head start in improving your customer service? Study your competitors, especially Jusco. Their staff are always polite and helpful. Those who aren’t will probably not work long at Jusco. Also check out how clean and tidy their stores are.

Will I continue shopping at Giant? If it’s convenient for me, of course. But no doubt I’m going to weigh the convenience factor a whole lot more. I value my time a whole much more than saving a few cents by shopping at Giant. I think Giant has gotten itself so preoccupied with being cheap that they’ve forgotten that time costs money too.

Sometimes the shopping experience is more important that the cost of things on sale.

8 responses to “Giant’s Idiotic Quality Of Service Campaign”.

  1. Kay Kastum Says:

    In Puchong here, there’s even reminder note placed on the cashier’s counter about all those elements; greet, smile etc. As we know, placing a note will only work for a few hours. As days go by, we tend to ignore it already.

  2. papajoneh Says:

    wow… i like this kind of review. Its personal and its near to us. Giant.. alamak. Jewelle did a short review of this at our place. Giant is like everywhere now in KK. everywhere, Giant that giant this. But still I go shopping at Server Hypermarket. I even go to our local just behind house CKS trading.
    Great review Azmeen. Not its getting personal.good 🙂

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Kay: I don’t mind the reminder at all. That is meant for the cashiers. Why they had to waste my time and receipt paper for something that could’ve been done better in 101 other ways is the thing that really bugs me.

    papajoneh: This is not really a review. Perhaps someone from Giant, or a competitor, or even a new startup will note things that make customers, like me, angry. You have a hypermarket called Server? Cool name 🙂

  4. Kay Kastum Says:

    Server? Hopefully they have a serving attitude too.

  5. ezams Says:

    I buy 2 canned food at Giant Kolombong yesterday and you know what, I got almost 3 foot receipt from their sour face cashier. But I don’t even look at it, just throw into my bills box.

    Papajoneh, is it Server or Servay? If so, wow! wanna take a look too 😆

  6. cindy Says:

    I’ve never been to any Giant at all.. 🙁 So I don’t know how their service would be. I’ve always preferred Carrefour or Jusco. The environment are much better and the item on displays are much easier to find.

    PS: And I love their trolley too. 😀

  7. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    cindy: Agreed. That’s why I think that Jusco is pretty smart by not doing “price war” style promotions. They know that their strength is definitely in quality of service.

  8. papajoneh Says:

    and at last I got the time to correct the server to the actual supermarket Hyper Servay Supermarket. Hahaha. Ezam. u got it right. 😛