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Review: Transformers

I’m a huge fan of the original Transformers cartoon series watching countless hours of it during my childhood years. I’m pretty damn sure that The Transformers: The Movie (not to be confused with the one I’m about to review soon) was the first cartoon that made me cry. Yeah, not Bambi, not some tearjerker by Disney… you couldn’t believe how heartbroken I was to see Optimus Prime die.

So, the recent release of Transformers, the film, made me very excited. I’m dying to find out how my childhood heroes will look like on the silver screen, especially when I found out that Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay will be behind it. Of course, by now, I’m a Decepticon through and through 🙂

Anyway, the special effects in the movie is awesome! I enjoyed every second of the robotic carnage and mayhem. Laser beams, extremely high calibre ammunition… you name it, the damn robots will have it. The special effects alone make this movie a must watch.

What disappointed me the most about the movie is that the only character that closely resembled the original cartoon is Optimus Prime. He’s the only Transformer in the movie that I can recognise immediately. Other characters aren’t at all similar to the original cartoon series. For example, Bumblebee transforms into a Chevy Camaro in movie; whereas the original character transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle.

Megatron is of course the all-powerful gun in the cartoon series, but in the movie he transforms into a fighter jet of some sort, and only for a couple of seconds.

I’m also a bit pissed that Soundwave, my favourite Transformer of all time, didn’t make it in the movie. However, the good news is, I heard that he will be in the sequel (surely you know this one is coming, right?)… so all is not lost yet 🙂

So how would I rate Transformers? Special effects: 4/5. Storyline: 2/5. Robots: 5/5. Human Actors: 0.5/5. If you want to watch good acting, stay clear of this movie! But if you like freaking robotic carnage and mayhem… you can’t go wrong with this one 🙂

I expect much, much more from the sequel.

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10 responses to “Review: Transformers”.

  1. Bryan Says:

    Human actors 0.5/5? That makes two of us 🙂 The whole thing got 2/5 in my review

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Bryan: Yep, I read your review as well. Nevertheless, overall I’m still satisfied with the movie. Brings back an overwhelming sense of nostalgia 🙂

  3. papajoneh Says:

    good review. I don’t feel like im losing anything by not watching it.
    But managed to buy my son the Optimus Prime… actually is for me Coz I love building things. LOL. Oh well, been out of cinema for like 3 yrs already. Until DVD out, I just satisfy myself with the channel 78. good enoughlah. 😀

  4. ezams Says:

    I was planned to watch Transformers at KK on last Sunday but the ticket was sold out 🙁 . Then I watch the Die Hard 4.0 as an alternative and didn’t expect something special from this well known action film.

    But you know what, I’m sooo amazed, suprised and excited too coz it was about computer, hacking & terrorism. They call it virtual terrorism. So watch it by yourself.

    Sorry Azmeen, out of topic hehe.. 🙂

  5. kucau Says:

    cisss, jeles siotttttt. aku ade anak kecik susah nak tgk . takpe takpe . nanti kalau ade torrent copy yg clear ok kot. hehehe

  6. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    papajoneh: If you’re a Transformers fan, then you will be losing a part of the history 🙂

    ezams: I’m a fan of Bruce Willis as well, but I doubt I’ll be watching Die Hard 4.0 in theatres. I’ll most likely wait for the DVD.

    kucau: Orang lain pun ada anak jugak. Pandai-pandailah buat schedule 😛

  7. cindy Says:

    Ehhh.. I’m not gonna read this post coz I haven’t watched Transformers yet. Going for it this Tuesday. 😀

  8. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Cindy: This is a spoiler-free review 🙂

  9. Kay Kastum Says:

    Still haven’t watch it. Wait until the cue is shorter… or perhaps never. DVD kot?

  10. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Kay: I’d definitely be getting the original DVD when it comes out 🙂