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There’re a lot of reasons why you should be blogging; it’s a fun way to develop your writing skills, you get to network with more people, and not to mention that it’s one of the trendy things now.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you might want to get started with a free blog by not only provides you with a blogging platform, they’ll also host your photos, videos and podcasts.

I registered an account there to get a glimpse of the services provided. I’ll be honest here, although signing up is a very straightforward process, you’ll need a bit of adjusting to get used to the interface. I also faced occasional errors which forced me to re-login, especially when submitting or previewing posts.

For those of you who had the luxury of using blogging tools such as WordPress or Blogger, you might find the service by to be rather primitive. However, for those who want something extremely easy to use, you’d probably welcome the lightweight interface used.

Publishing photos, videos and podcasts are a snap with The interface for performing these actions are very well standardized and layed out to be comfortably familiar. Mind you, is no YouTube, but it gets the job done.

Overall, this free blog service is average when you compare to what’s already available out there. Needless to say have lots of areas of improvement they might want to focus on.

However, if you want a portal with a simple interface for you to do the occasional blogging, and share your pictures, videos and podcasts, might be worth considering.

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    kucau: Yep Dr. Kucau. Got something you want me to review? 😉

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    Let’s hope I get a few more of these heading my way 🙂

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    Good pocket money mah..why not? 😛

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    Indeed, it’s good pocket change and the review seems to be pretty candid, Thanks for this.