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What Is Your Password Selection Method?

The Internet is a wonderful thing in terms of providing tons of information right on to your desktop. However, quite a number of online resources require you to register in order to access the information there.

I noticed that more than 70% of the web sites I frequent daily require authentication via username and password combination. Juggling these data could be intimidating; and sometimes, people resort to unrecommended password selection methods. Some of the more popular ones include:

  1. Using the username as the password as well
  2. Using really simple passwords such as 12345, abcde or password
  3. Using the same password for every web site that you’re registered with

Ideally, a password should meet the following criteria to be considered ‘safe’:

  1. Contains upper and lowercase alphabets, numbers and symbols
  2. At least 8 characters long
  3. Shouldn’t be a proper English word
  4. Can be easily remembered

Personally, I don’t use the same passwords for every site I’m registered on. I do have a standard password that I use for sites that I’m not sure I’ll be needing for the long term, but as soon as it becomes essential, then I change that password accordingly.

The method I use to select a password is simple:

  1. Have a base password
  2. Append a variable password onto the base password

Let’s say my base password is uNh4pP[y], and i have a user account at, then my password there would be uNh4pP[y]-exp (base password plus short name for the web site). Simple but effective.

Using this method, I avoid needing to remember multiple significantly different passwords. Additionally, I won’t need a third party tool to store my passwords. In addition to that, I can also make educated guesses for the passwords I’ve forgotten.

Worse comes to worse, most decent web sites have a Reset My Password feature 🙂

How do you choose your passwords? Do you have your own password generating system?

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3 responses to “What Is Your Password Selection Method?”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    I use master password generator… that 1 password i remember for life. it automatically create password for me for that specific site. If i forgot, which is quite often, i just use my master password to decipher the original one for that site. Don’t ask me what program… even that also secret. kekeke.

    But I wanna try your method, which is simple and actually much easier to remember. Hmm, interesting.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I never liked using a third party password manager. Probably due to the whole Gator spyware incident in the 90s. The Gator affair really turned me away from password management software for life.

    Another reason could be that I simply don’t trust anything or anyone else with my passwords. They should be locked in my brain.

    Heck, if my brain ever goes haywire then forgotten passwords would be the least of my problems 😛

  3. Kay Kastum Says:

    I seriously need to re-look at how I create my password. Should try your method. Sounds very practical.