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HTNet’s Previous Web Site Layout Went On Strike

Let’s see if I’ll hire him back, or just change the contract term for this replacement CSS from temporary to permanent 😛

OK, seriously now; nothing is wrong with HTNet actually. I’m just testing out a few minor tweaks on the site design. Changes that have been made are as follows:

  • Reduced the height of the masthead a bit
  • Shifted a couple of sidebar items around (thanks to WordPress widgets for making this extremely easy)
  • Reoriented the sidebars from right to left

I backed up my previous stylesheet so restoring the old layout could be done in a heartbeat. This new layout is conjured up in roughly 15 seconds via SSH and good old vi.

Why the change? Well, let’s just say I’m experimenting with something 🙂

2 responses to “HTNet’s Previous Web Site Layout Went On Strike”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    I have commented last night but somehow as usual, been bad behaviour again the IP! 🙁 So lost every words I typed.

    Just wanna say, a good trial. My eyes directly to the content on the right. Are you testing the hotspot script? or something similar?
    if this is gone too… well, no comment then 😛

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