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Is PPS Dead?

I’ve noticed that PPS is looking more like a spam aggregator rather than the wonderful blogtal it once was.

Even the PPS Wiki pages consist mostly of spam links. Not only that, not a single feature that was promised more than a year ago got implimented.

Am I the only person who thinks that PPS is dead?

5 responses to “Is PPS Dead?”.

  1. crynobone Says:

    It’s more likely their development has stop but they let the PPS operating, probably the revenue is more than the overall cost (domain name and hosting). But considering the fact that they manage to stay this long might suggest the revenue is good but can’t substance the cost to grow.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    It’s a shame, really. Although the technology behind PPS (trackbacks) can be considered ancient, and not to mention it has to be the most uninteractive blogtal ever, but it served a market.

    However, just leaving PPS to fade out in this way, to me is just an unfitting end to a blogtal that had contributed a lot to the Malaysian blogosphere.

  3. Bryan Says:

    Azmeen how about you setting up an even better blogtal than PPS. I think you have the skills and dedication rite.

  4. kucau Says:

    yup why not azmeen, a blogtal with category and more extra wonderful stuff would make PPS extinct for good!

  5. mypapit Says:

    Hi there Azmeen,

    I haven’t send a ping to Project Petaling Street since last year, I think its has lost my appeal since they refuse to move out to the now standard xml-rpc ping interface.

    It is understandable that blogtal such as PPS is prone to SPAM, but what makes it worth is, they didn’t bother to reinforce the “list of blog allowed to ping” through trackback itself is most disappointing.

    Instead, they relies more on security by obscurity, by hiding the trackback url which obviously doesnt work well (as evidence by spam pings)

    Obviously they need to modify the PPS ping system to counter these spams.