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WabiSabiLabi: 0-day Exploits eBay?

Now, you can auction your 0-day exploits online!

WabiSabiLabi (or WSLabi for short) has the following introduction paragraph on its web site:

WabiSabiLabi is aiming to a single moving target: to bring the world closer to zero risk. If the world must become a safer place, the first part of the recipe is simple: to provide a better rewarding for the security researchers, organising an efficient and transparent marketplace, here to maximise the results of their efforts.

Well, the recipe may be simple; but I doubt that the chosen method of cooking can indeed make the world a safer place. At best, it might make the computing world a safer place for the rich.

The BBC has a published piece on WSLabi here.

So what do you think? Should exploits be auctioned off to the highest bidder?

3 responses to “WabiSabiLabi: 0-day Exploits eBay?”.

  1. cindy Says:

    Heehee.. you remind me of “Labu-Labi”. 😀 Gotta love that movie!

    On another out of topic comment:

    Wow, you changed your layout! It took me a while to actually get used to this “new” look. You moved your sidebar to da left, to da left! :mrgreen:

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    cindy: Heheh! Yep. If you look around you can see why I’m happy that I played with the layout a bit 🙂

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