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PHP4 Support Ends In 2007: More XOOPS Woes For Me

Believe it or not, PHP4 has been around since 22 May 2000. Over seven years of providing web developers with a robust development language. However, 2007 is the final year that PHP4 will be supported.

Personally, I have no qualms about this. PHP5 is stable enough (at least I think it is) and has already been deployed on a lot of public servers. Even HTNet runs on PHP5; in fact, we’ve been running it since 2005.

However, my main concern is with the CMS platform being used by my company; XOOPS. I’ve played around with XOOPS on a PHP5 setup previously but it didn’t turn out too well.

A couple of important modules just simply won’t work at all. I know that I’ll be in for a hard time if I were to manually fix all the kinks. Nevertheless, I know that in reality I have these choices:

  1. Find a more modern open source CMS to migrate over
  2. Continue running XOOPS on the PHP4 platform
  3. Code a custom CMS with all the necessary features

Now what features do I need in a replacement CMS? Well, here are the key things I need:

  • Customisable user access control (using groups or similar)
  • Has task management features (currently using a hacked version of wsProject)
  • Has document management features
  • Has event management/calendaring

I’ve scoured but have yet to find something I like. Do you have a CMS you’d like to recommend? I’d love to hear from you.