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What’s Your Web Site’s SEO Score?

Almost anyone who has used the internet for the past three years or so would have stumbled upon the term SEO. Those with web sites would actually care what SEO means.

Anyway, if you want a simple indicator on how potent your web site is in the SEO department, then you might want to check out Web Site Grader. The ranking score and explanation is easy to understand and would not scare away those new to SEO.

In case you’re wondering; HTNet got a score of 89. Not bad, eh? 😉

17 responses to “What’s Your Web Site’s SEO Score?”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    Gd morning Azmeen? 🙂
    Great link. Thanks. I got 84.. not bad eh? 😉

    Anyway, got the problem on the “permanent Redirect Not Found”. Can you help me on this matter? The thing about the address with “www.” and without. Need mod on the .htaccess file??

    Thanks. Messenger on now 😀

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Not bad at all, Joneh 🙂

  3. papajoneh Says:

    Just by that 4 lines mod in the htaccess file, my SEO has jumped to 86. Thanks to Azmeen again. As always 🙂
    That link is good. They even recommend you to do some changes here and there for seo benefit of your site. Coool.

  4. Criz Sanctuary Says:

    Hey…so this is where PapaJoneh got the information. It’s a good site and it has lots of interesting things too. Thanks Azmeen and PapaJoneh.

    Somehow, I got 55 for overall. Even after I have tried to improve everything, my Google/Yahoo inbound links as well as indexed pages still almost zero. Even a new blogger dot com person is getting a few hundred/thousand links in theirs. I’m lost. I do not know how else I can improved them. Maybe you can help me to have a look at my blog if you have the time. Appreciate it a lot.

  5. doggybooty Says:

    I just found Web Site Grader last week. I usually check the whois record, Alexa, and, but I have found Web Site Grader to be by far the most helpful and the easiest to make changes with. My score went from 47 to 64 just by changing a couple of things. Has anyone done the SEO Expert REview?

  6. Rajesh Says:


  7. Sharma Says:

    Great link. Thanks. I got 98.. not bad eh?

  8. Oyun Says:

    Cool tool. I lost it for a while but now again there. Thanks 🙂

  9. Says:

    Very Nice Tool. I ever use this tool to check seo score. Thanks

  10. Ash Davies Says:

    Thanks a heap for that.
    All the other website optimization tools ive found only tell me what’s wrong, so it’s great to finally see how to fix and optimize my SEO free of charge.

  11. learn quran online tajweed Says:

    its a great tool and helped a lot

  12. Ashish Kulkarni Says:

    Thanks for your help. Its helped me a lot.

  13. Yash Says:

    Really a great tool.. Thanks

  14. Shah Says:

    i got 76. feels like i dont belong here … anyway, thanks

  15. Danny Says:

    Thank you for the link. I will try it.

  16. Jonathan Says:

    Nice find. Will definitely check it out. Thanks.

  17. Narlax Says:

    i got 66/100 that means not so good ??