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How To Develop Product Hype Like Apple

If you’re a business, then one of the things you pray for constantly is that your products will be popular and thus sell more. However, what if your product is still being developed but you really want to find out what potential customers’ think of certain features?

It’s simple, really; leak the information!

Apple Inc. is the expert in this area. From MacOS, to the iPod, and now the iPhone you can’t escape the iHype generated by Apple.

From tech-journalism heavyweights to the average blogger, it’s hard not to swim through your RSS feeds without seeing the word iPhone.

Now, you can structure your own marketing campaign using Apple’s favourite hype generating weapon by following these simple steps:

  1. Tout one world-saving function or uber-cool feature of your product to be the next best thing since the last best thing
  2. Prepare screenshots, pictures or videos showing Item 1 in action (it needn’t be real, just cook something up in Photoshop or Premier. Then “leak” them to popular sites such as Flickr or YouTube)
  3. Get a few of your buddies to blog about the thingamajig. It doesn’t matter if they love or hate it, the key thing is to get them talking about it!
  4. Submit the entries to social bookmark sites like Digg, Reddit and Netscape. If you have the budget, buy a few votes.
  5. Throw out your engineering hat and just pay attention to what people love and hate about your product’s touted function. Drop things that are universally hated and spend more time improving what’s popular
  6. Ignore the ignorant masses at your own peril. More often than not, these are the ignorant people that will cough out the dough to buy your product.

And that my friend, is how you build up product hype ala Apple Inc. 🙂

2 responses to “How To Develop Product Hype Like Apple”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    its like the cow moooney blog thing. in a short time, he already famous. All that the after effect of the great evil one, J-o-h-n-c-h-o-w. 😀

  2. Kay Kastum Says:

    Woah. Cool. Let’s duit!