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Find Free Mobile Java Games

The mobile phone is not only a communications tool, it’s also a contacts manager, a calendar, an organiser, and overall it’s a handy productivity tool.

With most modern mobile phones, the ability to run Java apps on it opens up a whole new way of interacting with your mobile phone.

One fun aspect of having a Java-enabled mobile phone is the ability to play games on it. However, many publicly available mobile Java games are either trial versions or crippled in other ways.

This is why I’m very delighted to find’s Free Mobile Java Games section.

It has hundreds of games in all sorts of genres from arcade to puzzles! Unfortunately the site only list games alphabetically and the game names are not always descriptive.

Do you know of any other free mobile Java games resources?

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  1. Criz's Sanctuary Says:

    Cool…I can pass this information to my friends who are mobile phone games addicts. Thanks for the sharing 🙂