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Interviews: Getting it Wrong or Right

I came across these articles describing incidents where an interview can go wrong or right.

Some of the experiences highlighted in the interviews gone wrong are hillarious, while some are really insightful. Although the articles are really condensed, they are still an interesting read.

I can especially relate to the tips that many of the HR managers gave in the second article. Interviewees nowadays, especially fresh grads, don’t really do their homework when preparing for the interview. Sometimes, I don’t think they really know anything about the position offerred. Their questions are almost always based on the “what’s in it for me mindset.

Employers want someone who is passionate about the tasks to be carried out in the capacity offerred. And when you’ve spent a whole day interviewing people who I put in the “parasites” category, it can really get on your nerves. At the very least, show sincere interest in the position offered, if you’re not, then don’t apply! Trust me, forcing yourself to apply out of desperation will definitely reflect poorly on you.