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Apache Share Slips Among Fortune 1000 Companies, IIS Gains

PC World reported that Microsoft web servers are deployed more than twice as often than its Open Source counterpart Apache among Fortune 1000 companies:

According to Port80 Software, which periodically surveys the public sites of Fortune 1000 companies to determine their use of web and application hosting technologies, Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0 web server (IIS 6) gained 9.5 percent since August 2006, and passed IIS 5 to lead the survey for the first time, “outserving the open source Apache server and all other Web servers among Fortune 1000 sites.”

Overall, IIS 4, 5, 6, and 7 deployments continue a four year lead in the survey with a combined 55 percent share of all Fortune 1000 corporate sites, versus Apache’s 24.9 percent share.

Does this mean that IIS is approaching global domination in the realm of web servers? Probably among the richest companies in the world. This has always been Microsoft’s forte. They provide excellent support when it comes to corporate customers.

I still think that Apache and Open Source software in general, will be healthily adopted by SMEs. What do you think?

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  1. confusedus Says:

    Old post, but I teach small business development and I push Apache on BSD servers.