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Malaysia 50 Years On: Time For Embracement Rather Than Tolerance

Don’t be misled by the title. Tolerance has served us well, but whether Malaysians realise it or not, the world has changed. It’s pointless to lecture on globalisation, but at the same time maintain the status quo of tolerance. It’s time for a change; and its name is embracement.

I’m not sure whether we are clueless or just plain stubborn. Tolerance is no longer a word we should cherish. It’s becoming a dirty word in this age and time. Tolerance imply that we put up with behaviour that is not ours. Simply put, we’re just being patient with it.

Embracement on the other hand, means we cherish what’s alien to us. Embracement is a positive form of acceptance. Rather than trying to standardise on everything, why not just embrace our diversity.

Even medically, diversity is a sign of strength. Let’s take genetics as an example. It’s well-knowned that imbreeding produces inferior species. Nature understands this and its imprinted in most living forms’ DNA. This includes human beings. We are a resilient species that thrives regardless of whatever nonsense mother nature decides to throw at us.

We’re going to be 50 years old as a nation come 31st August 2007. I’m sure there were voices at our inauguration that said we wouldn’t survive ten years let alone 50. I’m proud to be a citizen that has proven skeptics wrong since 1957.

Malaysia is resilient. Despite our flaws, despite what others perceive as our fragility being a multi-racial and multi-cultural country and whatnot, we survive. And boy, did we survive… in fact, we thrived!

Recently, my community has been thrown into disrepute. This community is called the blogging community. Apparently, we’re being labelled as being unpatriotic and mostly consisting of a bunch of lying housewives.

Perhaps these reminder gentle reminder would be useful to those who are generally negatively critical of bloggers:

  • Many of us are registered voters; therefore your treatment of us will be reflected on our ballot papers
  • A significant majority of us have no ulterior motives whatsoever; we merely voice our opinions
  • We’re becoming the de facto majority of your electorate; so you better be relevant to us to get our support
  • We’re raised in a ATNA environment; therefore your words mean nothing to us. Don’t say you’ll get things done… just get them done already!
  • Don’t criticise something you’re not contributing to, it just makes your shallowness more visible
  • Do not underestimate how much we love Malaysia! We love Malaysia unconditionally with all our heart and ask for nothing more than reciprocal love

All I’m asking for is for you, Malaysian politicians, regardless of party or affiliations, to embrace us. Don’t blanket judge us based on a few negative individuals.

Whether you realise it or not, we matter. We are the cyber-ambassadors of Malaysia, our proud nation. We may not agree with you on some matters, but we have the right to voice our concerns.

You may not want to hear what we say, but for every single ignorant politician, there are hundreds of potential voters that will.

Ignore bloggers at your own peril. We are part of a huge community. Hundreds of thousands join our ranks daily. We outnumber you. We matter.

We ask not for tolerance. We merely ask for embracement. Is this too much to ask?

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  1. Azlan Afandi Says:

    Yup, it’s gotten bad now. Calling bloggers monkeys, and now, crucifying a kid for posting a video on youtube. There’s even talk about stripping his citizenship! Meanwhile, murder cases are being thrown out of court. I know where my vote is going!