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Scraping the Surface of Google Ranking Secrets

For those who are interested in SEO, or are just plain curious on how Google calculates the PageRank™ for web sites, you should read its recent patent application for the ranking process.

If the patent application appears overly legalese for your tastes, you might want to read this article on instead. It uses a more “normal” tone to basically analyse the more important details to pay attention to.

Reading through the patent application, it gives me the impression that many of the ranking weights are not really rocket science anyway. However, I’m very impressed that somehow, the good people at Google can actually come up with an algorythm to calculate some of the seemingly unmeasurable criterias. I’m happy to know that lots of “weights”, are measured just to identify spam sites and lower their rankings.

If you are serious about getting high ranks in Google search results, you should read the patent application thoroughly. There are priceless gems of information in it. Thanks to Ookami Snow for the link to the article.

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  1. HTNet Says:

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  2. Ookami Snow Says:

    Thank you for the link. I like what you have to say here, keep up the blogging.