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DVD Sniffer Dogs Get Medals

DVD sniffer dogs, Lucky and Flo, were awarded medals from the Malaysian government for their contribution in tracking pirated DVDs:

“The dogs have proven to be a major asset in our fight against the pirates and we intend to continue what Lucky and Flo have set in motion,” S Veerasingam, Malaysia’s deputy minister for domestic trade and consumer affairs, said in the statement.

If only KPDNHEP would source for dogs that would bite the balls of scratch and win scammers next. Or perhaps, they are too busy chasing after mamak stalls that are charging 80 sen more for iced Milo.

Sometimes things like this makes me wonder what exactly are the priorities of KPDNHEP; are they really interested in protecting consumers, or are they just publicity chasers.

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  1. Azlan Afandi Says:

    Yeah, funny about those raids at mamak stalls etc. But I thought prices of prepared food and drinks are not controlled, so why go chase after those restaurant operators for increasing their prices? Besides, that’s why more upmarket places get away with it anyway.

    And a note to Malaysian consumers: If you think you’re being offered a crappy deal, don’t buy! It’s as simple as that.