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Small Server For Sharing USB Resources

KeySpan USB 2.0 Server

It’s things like these that make me go, “Now why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?!”.

KeySpan has introduced USB 2.0 Server, and it is a pretty wonderful device if it works as advertised. To put it simply, it’s a network enabled USB hub that can share two USB devices over wireless or wired networks.

This obsoletes the need to plug USB devices such as printers and scanners to a computer in order to be shared. Essentially, this will reduce scattered shared USB devices as well as save energy to power up redundant PCs just for the sake of sharing USB devices.

If you’d like more information, The Seattle Times has a nice write-up about the KeySpan USB 2.0 Server.

3 responses to “Small Server For Sharing USB Resources”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    Pretty cool. This could be handy. Thanks for the link.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Let’s see how long our friends from China would take to clone this and sell it here 😉

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