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Watch Out For This MSN Messenger Malware

If you happen to receive messages from any of your MSN Messenger contacts similar to these:

Accept dis picture homie

Accept dis picture homieDid you see this picture of Paris Hilton?

Is this you?

…and followed by a ZIP file sent to you; do not open whatever is in the ZIP file. This seems to be one of the newest MSN Messenger worm making the rounds.

I’ve yet to see any information regarding this potential malware. I’ll update if I find out more information. Searches on Symantec and Kaspersky returned nothing at the time of this post.

Update: So far, I had three attempts to send the file to me, and in all instances the file name is When I extracted the contents, there’s only one file called

Update 2: This morning (9:00am, 23 August 2007) AVG detected the virus as Backdoor.Ircbot.BAF. It must have been included in the latest definition update.

8 responses to “Watch Out For This MSN Messenger Malware”.

  1. cindy Says:

    Thanks for the head up! Will keep this in mind!

    (but I hardly chat on MSN anyway.. but it’s better to prevent it, before it happens, kan?) 😀

  2. kucau Says:

    azmeen, can i get the copy of the file ? mail to dr.yusri at . TQ

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    It’s OK kucau. Already found out the name of the virus. Check out the latest update.

  4. Angie Says:

    yesterday had quite a morning coping with IMGAC157.Files are sent thr msn contacts (even if u wont be having conversation)and even if u dont open file
    . I removed the image frm the c drive as well.Deleted & Reinstalled msn

  5. Alejandro Says:

    Well, it has tried twice to infect my computer. However, the first was, the next (just 20 min ago) It changes names, and seems to be difficult to identify, since it is so recent. AVG found the first time it was a Trojan horse Generic6.RDD. However, it identified it until I unzipped; previous to it, it assured there was no threat.

    It is just about being careful until there is a general solution with every antivirus. I’ve searched and Sophos says every version of its antivirus finds and heals it. However, it is a pay license. Any how, here is the info I found

  6. Make Beer Says:

    Well, I’m happy to be a user of Ubuntu. That means no problems on security for me. I’m new to Ubuntu, but it seems to run smoothly with no problems.

  7. Dinah CHua Says:

    Hello there!..I am so thankful to open this kind of site of yours..because!!!you really helped me so to know how to see what to do when there are things that will happen like this..because honestly i really don’t know what to do in terms of knowing the malware…and other worms..thanks a lot..MOre POWER!

  8. Alexandra Welsh Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the caution and info. I never thought there would be something like this that exists.

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