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Court: Copyright Infringer Must Use Windows

Scott McCausland was convicted of illegally downloading one of the Star Wars series some time in 2005. He’s now under probation after serving five months in prison.

A condition of his probation includes him consenting to periodic checks on his computer by a probation officer and/or monitoring software. McCausland in not against this, but apparently the monitoring software only supports Windows and not McCausland’s current OS, Ubuntu Linux:

“I am consenting to all of it, but it just so happens that the OS I use might not be supported by the software they use to monitor. So I do not feel (neither does my lawyer) that the government can force me to switch OS.”

McCausland has now started an appeal on his website to cover the cost of buying Windows.

So what’s a pirate to do in this situation? Launch a “Windows Tip Jar Campaign” of course 😛

3 responses to “Court: Copyright Infringer Must Use Windows”.

  1. Dabido Says:

    The Government only has two choices, either buy him windows, or get software which will monitor Linux.

    I mean, it’s not like they’d insist a convicted drunk buy a new car if their car breatherliser system only worked on Fords.

  2. Kay Kastum Says:

    Hmm..Star Wars eh.. ehem.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    You’re forgetting the third choice; get him to buy Windows himself and install the software once he does.


    Yep… of all movies it has to be “Star Wars”. It’s not like it won’t be played on cable TV at least 30 times a year!