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Don’t Forget To Link To The “Small Guys”

Most bloggers who gives a hoot about SEO would want to get as many incoming links as possible. They try so many tactics, such as:

  1. Submitting to FFA sites
  2. Begging other bloggers for link exchanges
  3. Buying links from services such as TLA
  4. Some even resort to spamming

These methods are not the best way to get links, but most of the times, they are the easiest way out. However, remember that success comes to those who thrive for it.

A better way is to write good posts. And while you’re at it, link to blogs that inspire you. Sure, you may have higher PR or traffic than those you’re linking to. But this is not an exercise for you ego, but simply a method of remembrance.

Remember that your blog was not born big. It became popular as a result of link love. Sharing useful posts makes your blog more valuable and it won’t harm your visitors one bit.

Why not give it a try?

4 responses to “Don’t Forget To Link To The “Small Guys””.

  1. cindy Says:

    I really hate it when people (who never comments on my blog post or at least read what I posted and comment something that is related to THAT post) out of nowhere, left a comment of:

    Hi, I love your blog. Wanna exchange link? Please visit my blog.


  2. Steven Snell Says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog in this article!

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    cindy, Yep that’s irritating. But every once in a while I do find some nice blogs this way… although they’re quite rare.

    Steven, It was a linkworthy post 🙂

  4. ZiG Says:

    I used to get extremely annoyed at folk for one of two reasons. First up, due to hit counters and server logs, I can see when lots of people have visited a page, and from these lots of people, its rare when just one of them makes a comment in the guestbook or comments section. These folk I no longer mind, as I too rarely comment in others sites, for exactly the same reasons listed in one of your other pages (13 reasons why I don’t comment?).

    The other bunch, are just those being annoying like Sally said, leaving in most cases just a link.

    The ego thing, yes I got my mobile site popular very quickly, the method used? targeted spam. It was easy, as at the time the mobile web was still fairly new and most mobile web-surfers used one of three portals, these same portals that forced me to go down the route of creating my own site due to censorship of my forum posts. The spam being nothing more than a link to my portal profile, in my links, my site/s links. Due to my popularity of being outspoken, I needn’t put effort into spreading my link within chat sites.

    Anyways, I’ve chatted bout 1000 words too many, like some of your stuff, now to continue on my way into finding ways on making cash from my site. (since launch in 2003 I’ve remained ad-free – what a waste of cash making time lol).