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Google Reader Has Search… Finally!

I was reading this post by Matt Cutts, and asked myself, “What’s he smoking? I don’t see any search form in Google Reader.”

I then closed my Google Reader tab and reopened it, and there it was; the search form that I’ve been pining for!

Finally, Google Reader is complete… at least for me. You can read more about this on the Official Google Reader Blog.

3 responses to “Google Reader Has Search… Finally!”.

  1. Jewelle Says:

    LOL, if I didn’t read your post, I wouldn’t even realized that is up.

  2. ethel Says:

    Eh.. it’s been a while since I check my Google Reader so I didn’t know that Search thingy existed. 😛

    Will check it out!

  3. Kay Kastum Says:

    Very cool!