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13 Reasons Why I Don’t Comment On Your Blog

While going through my feed subscriptions last night, I stumbled on Criz’s (a very gifted writer in my opinion, check out his blog) post entitled; Sounds of Nature, Sounds of Life, Silence from the Blogosphere?.

The post got me thinking as to why I don’t comment more often. I started to list them down and the end result is this post. Mind you though, that this is not a list of reasons why I don’t comment on Criz’s or any other specific blog. It’s just a general list.

  1. It covers something I have absolutely no knowledge of, or opinion worth sharing
  2. The post seems to be preaching something I’m already sold on
  3. The post seems to be preaching something I’m bitterly against
  4. Commenting on your blog requires registration
  5. Comments are not for barter trading; just because you comment on my blog, I’m not obligated to reciprocate
  6. It looks like an insincere sponsored post
  7. I’m just being polite and not wanting to be involved in a (potential) flamewar
  8. Your blog ate a comment I put significant effort in composing, and I couldn’t be arsed to go through the experience again
  9. I could’ve sworn I commented on another blog’s post covering the same topic; repetition is boring
  10. Your post doesn’t seem to have a point of view
  11. Other comments already cover my opinion or asked questions I’m curious about
  12. The post was too wordy and I got lost
  13. The post was too short and I felt shorthanded

What about you? Why don’t you comment more often? You could start by commenting on this post 😉

14 responses to “13 Reasons Why I Don’t Comment On Your Blog”.

  1. weirdoux Says:

    is this a comment? no it’s an answer. so i’m also waiting for the next comment!

  2. clement Says:

    simple honest and straight to the point, i like your style

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Or you could have simply called it a meta-comment 😉


    Thank you. I’ll strive to improve 🙂

  4. Jewelle Says:

    Sometimes its because I don’t wish my presence to be known – so read blogs only from my reader.

  5. Dabido Says:

    The post is preaching something the writer is sold on and it isn’t worth trying to argue with them.

    It’s late and I’m tired and to reply will take effort and thought, both of which are eluding me at that moment [which means I’ll either return to comment or just let it slide.]

    I am honestly confused about the post due to it being poorly written, or I just can’t judge the mood of the writer. So, rather than go off half cocked over something [which might be a joke], I’d prefer to just let it slide in the hope the person wasn’t really saying what I thought they had said.

    [For instance, today I let slide a guy who was saying Adolf Hitler was a God to the world, because I honestly couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.]

  6. papajoneh Says:

    Your 13 reasons sure covered mine too. Could not have said better.:)

  7. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Some of the more tech-savvy bloggers can detect your presence even if you don’t leave a comment 😉


    Yeah, some posts are like that! Even after reading through it a few times, sometimes I just don’t “get” it. The same could be said about your preference of using square brackets instead of the more common parentheses 🙂


    You sure you don’t have more to add to the list?

  8. papajoneh Says:

    Nope.. the no.7 covered already LOL.
    Hahahaha. Actually, i seldom “not comment”. When i reach the blog usually not by accident and usually i leave my mark there.
    but when im there and just no comment at all, must be one of your 13 reasons. must be. 🙂

  9. massy Says:

    main reason, either i dun get wut the person trying to say, or like u said, registration, or if the line is so frigging lag, i couldn’t retype, even if i did, it would be different and with anger XD so now i’m commenting coz i feel like it XD and i’m not moody.. XD

  10. Kay Kastum Says:

    Sounds like a framework of my blog! 😀

    As for me, I won’t comment when:

    1. I’m in a hurry to comment and realize it’s a blog hosted on which has this terrible form for commenting, not to mention the anti spam word which makes me go “argh… next time lah!”

    2. When the topic is out of my scope of knowledge and everyone seems to be giving ‘smart’ comments.

    3. The topic is something like “Share your blog income”

  11. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Yup, you’re the most prolific commenter I’ve ever known! Err, probably make that the most prolific after Dabido 😛


    But your Internet line speed shouldn’t affect your typing speed, right? Or do you mean after submitting the comment?


    Yeah, sometimes the captcha word is really hard to read.

    As for the “Share your blog income” topics, what do you mean? Is it like; share your blog income ($$$) with me. Or is it more like; tell us how much you’ve made?

  12. Jewelle Says:

    Here’s a question I want to know – of course if you go to a blog your IP will be logged BUT if you subcribe to the blog and read it ONLY from a reader (e.g. google reader) without going to the site, can it be detected as well?

    I often wondered about this…

  13. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    It’s possible. The easiest way I can think of right now is by embedding an image in the post.

    The thing is, the image is really generated on the fly using some server side language such as PHP. It would also be literally invisible to you (transparent 1px x 1px PNG, for example) With this image, I can get your IP, the browser you’re using, where you’re reading the feed item from, and so on.

    And it’s not really difficult to code.

  14. Jewelle Says:

    Azmeen – I only saw “it’s possible…..not really difficult to code” everything in between is greek! LOL

    Ok, cool, that’s interesting to know.