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One Minute Management

I just spent the past 30 minutes or so reading The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. and Spencer Johnson, M.D.. I must admit, it has been one of the more insightful books I’ve read for the past few months.

Most management books are filled with corporate-lingua-bable, that when something like The One Minute Manager landed into my hands, I’m quite suprised at the frank, down-to-earth, and straightforwardness of the composition.

More importantly, the advice given were not delivered in a preaching manner. The authors used a short but nevertheless interesting story of a young man’s quest to find good managers and learn from them. Over the years, he found that the good managers are either:

  • Concerned for the company’s performance, but neglects the need of his subordinates.
  • Focused on keeping his subordinates happy, but pays scant regards to the company’s bottom line.

After some time, the young man heard about a really good manager that not only ensures his company performs really well, but also keeps his subordinate very happy. This guy is known as The One Minute Manager. He wants to learn the secrets of the One Minute Manager, and thus begins his journey of discovery.

I’d like to divulge more information regarding this excellent book, but this would be an injustice to both the authors and yourself. The content of the book is light, but trust me, the lessons that can be learned from it is priceless. I have absolutely no problems recommending this book to managers and aspiring managers.