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What I Did When My Blog Was Down

When I took a look at my mobile phone at dawn after waking up, I was greeted with this text message from Joneh who sent it at 11:21pm the night before:

Meen, the server down for 1 hour already! WTF like that?

It was probably the first time I got WTF’d by Joneh. Hahah!

Anyway, some major software screwup had happened on the server and all my hosted sites were down for the whole of yesterday. Yep, sucks to be a reseller when you can’t do much on the server side. But one day, I can afford a dedicated server, or at the very least a decent VPS setup.

After my SSH access to the server had died, and all the monitoring I could do was on a Nagios setup on a remote site, I did the following activities:

  • Walked around the office more often
  • Participated in gossips instead of just eavesdropping on them
  • Catch up on world news
  • Clean up my desktop (both in the computing and literal sense of the word)
  • Visit more non-blog web sites
  • Shop for new hosting providers

Now HTNet is back up and I can sleep better tonight 😛

5 responses to “What I Did When My Blog Was Down”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    I can sleep well too 🙂
    No more miss opps 😉

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Aiyo, I don’t speak Probloggerish. 😛

  3. Jewelle Says:

    When my net or blog was down, I catch up on my books – sometimes I wish my blog is down more so I can do that more often! LOL

  4. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Jewelle, I think almost all the books I read these days are eBooks!

    I’d probably have developed an allergy to paper and still not know it 😛

  5. Criz's Sanctuary Says:

    A day and yet most of us will die for not having access to net…worst still accessing our own website. Try telling that to my ISP…it took them weeks to settle a spoiled modem, weeks to identify their network problems, more than a month before they are willing to send someone over to have a look at my set up. Even after they have replaced a new upgraded modem (3rd one), the line is still inconsistent. You can’t even terminate their service because you have signed an agreement with them for 18 months.

    Think of the worries and problem I had during this period…I can’t blog well, can’t think well, get wrongly accused by other users, can’t blog hop, needless to say comment too, losing visitor as most thought you are dead **sweat**, worst case…can’t even earn money and communicate business deals online **cries**

    Sometimes, I also think that due to our overly pampered comfort we had in being able to access the net easily, we tend to take it for granted that it’s our rights to get things done perfectly without compromising the time, effort and money of others trying to set things right. I rest my case…