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Do You Use WiFi With Linux?

I will soon be having broadband Internet connection installed at my home. Yep, my abode will finally have net access. However, I’m having a dilemma right now in terms of internal cabling.

My apartment has two phone outlets; one in the living room and one in the master bedroom. There’s also a small room which I plan to convert into my home office. The problem is, this room is nowhere near either phone outlets!

Wireless LAN is one option and I’m sure my SO will prefer this method because it’s definitely going to be much less messy compare to traditional wired LAN.

However, my fear is wireless NIC support on Linux, my primary OS. I’ve read that it can be very troublesome to get it working right. If I were to go wireless, I was thinking of getting one of those cheap USB WLAN adapters for my desktop. But it would suck if there’s no suitable drivers for it under Linux!

Wired LAN on the other hand would be lacking in the cosmetics department. It also requires meticulous planning to be implemented properly; ie. Where do I want the points to be? Do I go fully networked (all rooms plus living room) or implement it by phases? Would the points eventually be fully utilised? However, I can be 100% confident that my network cards will be supported by whatever OS my family members use.

I could also implement a mixed network environment; both WLAN and wired LAN. But wouldn’t that be overkill?

Right now, I’m leaning more towards going wireless. I’d appreciate any advice from Linux users who are connects to a wireless network. What hardware are you using? How difficult (or easy) was it to get up and running (especially if you’re using wireless USB adapters)? What’s the performance like? Oh, I’m using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn by the way.

I’d appreciate your recommendation. Thanks.

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  1. KwangErn Says:

    It depends alot on the wireless chipset that the PCI or USB is using. If possible, try to stay away from USB-types. I never got it working; it’s about a year ago now.

    Am sure Ubuntu has ndiswrapper installed somehow. ndiswrapper uses Windows driver to make it run.

    Don’t think you’ll run into alot of problems with Ubuntu. 😉

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi KwangErn,

    Thanks for responding. May I know what’s the brand of your USB wireless adapter? If possible, could you also tell me its chipset?

    I’ve been reading up on ndiswrapper too. But as they say, better get things working “as is” rather than doing too much hacking just to get the simplest of devices up and running 🙂

  3. kucau Says:

    i`ve tested one caplang brand USB wireless adapter with feisty fawn. i failed to make it work , maybe because i dunno the the chipset. maybe ndiswrapper is a better choice to make it work. using Homeplug ethernet is another option if wifi on linux giving u headache

  4. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I did consider Homeplug but backed off it because it’s way too unfamiliar for me. I was also informed by a “friend of a friend” who actually bought a set that it didn’t last long. His unit was spoilt after just slightly over a year’s usage.