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HTNet Running WordPress 2.3

After waiting for about a week, I’ve finally converted to WordPress 2.3. Overall, it’s a painless process provided you know what you’re doing. Listed below are the steps I’ve taken to upgrade my WP installation.

  1. Created a test blog having the same files and database as HTNet (this effectively gives me a 100% backup of the site)
  2. Checked out the WP2.3 compatibility of the plugins I use and upgraded the incompatible ones
  3. Disabled all plugins and switched to the default WordPress theme
  4. Performed the WordPress upgrade via SSH
  5. Took a quick peek at my pages and posts to see if there’s anything funny; so far so good!
  6. Activated my plugins one by one; Cool! Nothing breaks (so far). Also activated my own custom theme
  7. Took another quick peek throughout the test site; noticed a custom function I used to generate my tag cloud is broken; fixed it to use WP2.3’s new taxonomy structure
  8. Saw that wpautop still doesn’t chokes on XHTML comments, so I fixed it manually again
  9. I’m convinced that nothing was broken, and repeated the steps above with the real HTNet web site

Hope this might be useful for those planning to upgrade to WP2.3. Have you upgraded? Was it a smooth process?