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Saying “Thank You” Or “You’re Welcome” Won’t Kill You

Yesterday, my mother told me an experience she had when she was shopping at Jusco. She doesn’t have a JCard but noticed that the person behind her does. My mother then asked the person if she wants the points from my mom’s purchases; she then hands my mom her JCard.

After the transaction was completed and my mom paid for the purchases, the lady just took back her card; no “thank you”, no nothing. What a bitch, eh. Here’s a stranger that has just given her a quarter grand’s worth of JPoints for free and she doesn’t even have the courtesy to say “Thank you”.

Actually, I too have noticed this very bad behaviour become increasingly common among Malaysians. It’s nauseating to see so many rude people who can’t say “thank you”. Just as irritating are people who can’t say “you’re welcome” in return.

Have Malaysian society really gone to the dumps? Or is this just something very specific to JB (perhaps we caught it from the Singaporeans)?

Well, I’m no goody-two-shoes, but I make it a point to always thank someone who helped me, even in the smallest way. I’ll also respond with a “you’re welcome” whenever anyone thanks me for something.

For God’s sake, it’s just common courtesy. It’s not like you’ll get herpes by thanking others who had helped you!

What do you think? Have society lost its sense of common courtesy?

9 responses to “Saying “Thank You” Or “You’re Welcome” Won’t Kill You”.

  1. Jewelle Says:

    I agree, more people especially city folks seem to have forgotten to stay thank you, welcome or even please – and when the adults are rude, can you blame the children for following such examples?

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Thanks for commenting, Jewelle.

    Yep, folks from more rural areas are more courteous. Does that mean that living in urban areas make you rude? Perhaps us city-slickers are always on the go that we often leave our manners at home?

    Personally, I think that’s just a very poor excuse.

  3. Birthday Gifts For Him Says:

    Amen. It’s such a simple thing to do, but sadly it’s not done enough.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post. 🙂

  4. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Birthday Gifts For Him, thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂

  5. Birthday Gifts For Him Says:

    You’re welcome. 😉

  6. gaman Says:

    I hate it when people are as rude like that. You know when Reader’s Digest did a survey and found that KL was one of the rudest cities, I wasn’t suprised.

    But most Malaysian accused the magazine have hidden agenda. Stupid.

  7. ethel Says:

    Goodness, just reading that pisses me off!! Does that lady have the heart of stone?!!

    I have to agree with Gaman, KL is one of the rudest city I’ve ever seen! From the people in the shopping mall, to the people at the queues, to the elevators.. let’s not forget THE ROADS!

  8. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I think most Malaysians agree with the Readers’ Digest survey findings. It’s just that our politicians are the ones with a cloudy sense of reality.

    The funny thing is; they’re among the rudest people in Malaysia!


    You’ve been to JB recently? I’ll be going to KL after raya, maybe I’ll do a survey on who’s more rude! 😛

  9. J Says:

    just two days ago, i was standing opposite the wangsa maju lrt station, waiting at the bus stop for my mother to pick me up. i saw with my own eyes, on the direct opposite of the road, a blind man holding his walking stick struggling his way to the station.

    an estimation of probably thirty people(?) were walking around him, pass him, behind him… mostly youngsters.. and all of them just stared and buat bodoh!

    typical common courtesy to just help to guide the poor ol that so hard to do? because if i were standing there, i would have helped without a doubt. i’m a youngster myself and it makes me feel ashamed that alot of us never learnt from the Pendidikan Moral that was taught to us throughout our schooling life.