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Story of An Abducted Baby

For the past few days, one of the hottest story in the Malaysian media is focused on a baby. What’s so special about this baby is that he was allegedly kidnapped just hours after he was born by a nurse. At that time, he was not even named yet, but he’s now known as Mohamad Nursyabil Syakirin.

And DNA tests has confirmed that the boy is really the son of Noryati Abu Bakar and Mohamad Nordin Derais, who went through a traumatic experience of losing their baby for six days. I’m just glad that the parents are now finally united with their baby.

2 responses to “Story of An Abducted Baby”.

  1. Halian Says:

    This may not be related to the story above, but if the nurse really want a baby, there are many parents in China who are willing to sell their babies due to the “One Child Policy” (not that I am encouraging her to do so!).

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    The thing is, it’s not really that hard to adopt a baby in Malaysia anyway (however, I feel that you know this already). The alleged kidnapper is potrayed as being emotionally (and perhaps mentally) unstable after losing her own child through a miscarriage.

    Perhaps, she was in a really disturbed and distracted state of mind when she allegedly commited the felony. But I guess, we have to wait until the case hearing to find out more.