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Weekly Cool Stuff 2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of HTNet’s Weekly Cool Stuff. This week, I have quite a number of interesting sites to showcase. Remember PostSecret from the first WCS? Well, I found another anonymous online confessions site called group hug. From the site itself:

the idea is for anyone to anonymously confess to anything. it actually feels kind of good to know that someone will read it.

this is completely confidential. no information about you or your computer is stored. in fact, we only collect the text you type, the date, and a random number.

Most of us have seen site buttons or badges. You know, those 80px x 15px images usually used as links to other web sites. Like those I have on the right hand side of HTNet (at least at present). Yeah, those! Have you ever wanted to create your own, but don’t have the leet The GIMP, Photoshop or *gasp* MS Paint skills? Don’t worry! Because now, there’s Brilliant Button Maker to help you Image Authoring Tools-challenged people!

For those of you who are into computer graphics, either professionally or as a hobby, you definitely know the importance of fonts. Sometimes, you will be in situations where you know what kind of font you want, but just have no idea where to find it. Especially if you’ve seen the font used in a movie, TV series, or in a band’s CD cover. If that’s the case, you might want to check out’s Themed Fonts, you might just find what you’re looking for 🙂

Another common need for many computer graphics artists is textures. Textures, when used appropriately, tend to turn the blandest of concepts into brilliant masterpiece. I stumbled upon this excellent texture library which has a nice collection of textures.

I also took the Colour Quiz (I insist on using the real English spelling) and found out the following about myself:

    • Your Existing Situation
    • Persistent. Demands what he feels to be his due and endeavors to maintain his position intact.
    • Your Stress Sources
    • The situation is regarded as threatening or dangerous. Outraged by the thought that he will be unable to achieve his goals and distressed at the feeling of helplessness to remedy this. Over-extended and feels beset, possibly to the point of nervous prostration.
    • Your Restrained Characteristics
    • Willing to become emotionally involved and able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity.
    • Clings to his belief that his hopes and ideas are realistic, but needs encouragement and reassurance. Applies very exacting standards to his choice of a partner and wants guarantees against loss or disappointment.
    • Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense. Able to obtain physical satisfaction from sexual activity but tends to hold aloof emotionally.
    • Your Desired Objective
    • Urgently in need of rest, relaxation, peace, and affectionate understanding. Feels he has been treated with a lack of consideration and is upset and agitated as a result. Regards his situation as intolerable as long as his requirements are not complied with.
    • Your Actual Problem
    • Depleted vitality has created an intolerance for any further stimulation, or demands on his resources. A feeling of powerlessness subjects him to agitation and acute distress. Tries to escape from this by relinquishing the struggle, and by finding peaceful and restful conditions in which to recuperate in an atmosphere of affection and security.