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If I Were To Sell HTNet, Would You Buy It From Me?

I’ve been entertaining an interesting thought for the past few days; Sell HTNet (the complete blog and domain name) and start a fresh new blog.

It’s interesting because HTNet is very much close to my heart and it has been providing me with a lot of education in terms of blogging in general, as well as its own distinct sentimental value.

I’m sure a huge majority of those who have multiple blogs have similar thoughts when it comes to their first blog. Maybe the feeling is similar to what you feel about your first girlfriend/boyfriend. The relationship might not last as long as you’d like, but the person will always occupy that portion of your heart.

So what’s the benefit of selling your established blog? Well, here’s my list:

  1. Money (of course)
  2. Clearing the baggage of maintaining it
  3. Freeing up more time for other projects
  4. The opportunity to start afresh with lessons learned from the exercise
  5. Disassociation with the identity closely tied to the blog

Of course there’re also disadvantages:

  1. Loss of income from the blog
  2. You might regret selling it off in the first place
  3. You undervalued the selling price and pined about it for the rest of your life
  4. The new owner totally overhauled the blog and it embarrasses you to be associated with its new content

It also makes me wonder, if I were to really follow up on this thought; would you consider buying HTNet off me? If you answered “no”, please tell me why.

If you answered “yes”, I’d also like to know why. And what sort of price are you willing to pay?

8 responses to “If I Were To Sell HTNet, Would You Buy It From Me?”.

  1. penny Says:

    sorry, I wont buy, because I have no money for it..haha

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    penny, I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂

    Love the design of your web site. Looks elegantly professional 😉

  3. TenthOfMarch Says:

    PR5 blog. Hell yeah I want to own it. And you could probably guess why 😉 However, the biggest problem would be the price. I’d probably can never own it unless you give it to me as a gesture of good will or something. LOL.

    PR5 domain…let me guess how much it would cost. I’d say probably in the thousands (USD). $5K maybe? Maybe more? IF I or someone were to offer you US$5,000, would you sell it?

  4. ethel Says:

    Wow, PR5, I’d definitely want to buy it – but the domain name doesn’t suit my blog. There’s the “tech” word on it: And I’ve never blogged about “tech” stuff at all! 🙁

    That, and I probably won’t have enough money to buy too.. 😛

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    10/3 and ethel,

    Wow, both for PR5 reasons, eh? 😉

    For US$5k, I would definitely consider it. Personally though, I was looking at a figure just over that.

    As for the “tech” suffix. Yep, it’s been haunting me for quite a number of years to be honest. It seemed like a good name when I purchased it over five years ago, though 😛

    I really appreciate your comments. It gives me a better understanding of the value behind the site. Thanks!

  6. TenthOfMarch Says:

    LOL. What else is there to look for in a domain name? PR, Alexa and technorati ranking. The number of backlinks. Organic traffic would be important too.

    I was just roughly estimating how much money a person can make with this blog after buying it over. Of course, there are many options to fully monetize it — selling text link ads, writing paid posts, affiliates, other ads, etc.

    The selling price should be at least how much a person can make with the domain X 3 to 6 months maybe.

    I really don’t see a reason why you would want to sell off your domain. I wouldn’t if I were you. Why don’t you give it to me for free and let me prove to you that I wouldn’t sell it? LOL. 😛

  7. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Well, call me old fashioned, but I believe that sentimental values far outweigh any stats; especially PR, Alexa and Technorati.

    Web ranking algos change… sure today HTNet is PR5, has an Alexa rank of 161,960 and has a Technorati rating of whatever (I really think Technorati is junk). However, I still value comments, feedback, bookmarks; basically, the human interaction.

    For me, HTNet is not only about numbers and figures (although I recognize the fact that this is important in today’s Internet-connected world). Sometimes it’s those innumerable stuff that matters more 🙂

  8. kucau Says:

    ermm , im willing to buy it , but the problem is maintaining it as good as u did. 🙁