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What Happened To My AdSense Custom Channels?

I’ve noticed that since 23 October 2007, I didn’t have the stats for my AdSense custom channels. At first I suspected that I must have deleted these channels accidentally. It must be my fault because Google couldn’t possibly mess this up being a God and all.

But now, more than 24 hours later, I’m pretty sure all my channels are accounted for and I have not made any adjustments to my web files. It also seems that I’m not the only one with this problem.

What about you? Are your custom channels data showing up right?

3 responses to “What Happened To My AdSense Custom Channels?”.

  1. TenthOfMarch Says:

    I am experiencing the same problem as well. I added a new channel and an Adsense code somewhere in my template. I thought it must have been due to that but since you are having the same problem, I guess Google must be doing something behind the scene.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Update or otherwise, they should have let publishers know. Heck, they can do those AJAX notification thingamajigs “educating” us on “optimizing tips” and whatnot, but couldn’t spare a few minutes on this issue?

    That’s pretty funny to me 😛

  3. TenthOfMarch Says:

    LOL. That is true. Well, I added a new ad block and I am very curious how well/bad it worked. Unfortunately, this problem has to arise the same time I made the change. I hope they fix it soon so that I can finally see some detailed stats.